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This page contains information on the region Galdin Quay, as well as what things to do within the region and where to go. Refer to this page for item and monster information, as well as to find your way around, if you ever get lost!

Galdin Quay Map - Points of Interest

Location Information

Galdin Quay lies south of Hammerhead and the Longwythe Rest Stop. It is an area that serves a great deal of importance in Noct's story; it is where he learns of the Empire's treachery, and it is also where he returns to reclaim Insomnia from the Long Night.

There are some quests that Noct can complete here, aside from various items and monsters the party can battle against to level up or improve recipes.

Galdin Quay - Points of Interest

Areas in Galdin Quay
Culless Munition Mother of Pearl - Galdin Quay
Bob's Bait Emporium Aldare's - Galdin Quay

Galdin Quay Regional Monsters

Galdin Quay

List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:

Master Tonberry
Black Flan
Iron Giant
Red Giant

Galdin Quay Available Quests

Galdin Quay

List of Available Quests:

A Gentleman's Agreement
World of Ruin

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