How to Defeat Titan | FFXV

This is a guide on defeating Titan in Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). This guide points out the weaknesses of Titan, as well as its movesets. If you're looking for a strategy to defeat this monster, this is the place to find it!

Titan Basic Stats and Information

Basic Stats

HP 213,000 EXP 0
Level 25 Element -
Type Bosses Parryable? -

Elemental and Physical Weaknesses

Phys. Resistance Phys. Weakness Mag. Resistance Mag. Weakness
All Weapons Normal Attack (100%) - All Magic Normal Attack (100%) -

Titan Movesets

This Hexatheon doesn't have any other attacks other than swinging its great arms about to flatten its enemies. This attack, however, has the capacity to knock Noctis out, if it isn't blocked or parried successfully.

How to Beat Titan

Titan is the first of the Summons that Noctis and party comes across. He is shown carrying a colossal meteor on his back, the very meteorite which he caught before it hit Eos, the land. Titan will also be the first to give a 'trial' to Noctis for him to prove his worthiness.

The player must successfully block each attack of Titan and parry back. Boss battles in this game--at least, against the summons--most usually do give very little to strategy and are, more often than not, mock battles. Anyway, block Titan's attacks and parry back, until your party arrives and they can hit back at the Hexatheon using Ice-element attacks.

At the end of the 'trial,' Titan will become available for Noctis to summon.

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