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This is a page for the list of all characters in Final Fantasy XV. Click on each link to view their information such as their skills and abilities!

Final Fantasy XV Character List


The capital of the kingdom of Lucis, also known as the "Crown City".

Noctis Gladiolus Ignis
Prompto Regis Cor
Iris Jared Talcott
Monica Dustin -


Noctis's homeland, a sanctified kingdom blessed with the divine Crystal and sacred ring.

Cindy Cid Takka
Dave Dino Coctura
Wiz Sania Navyth
Holly Vyv Kimya
Ezma Randolph -


An island nation known for the beauty of its water-bound capital, Altissia. Though annexed by the empire in the war 150 years ago, it retains its own government.

Camelia Weskham


A diminutive state ruled by the line of Oracles, brought under imperial control twelve years ago.

Lunafreya Umbra
Pryna Gentiana


A war-machine that controls the greater part of the world, driven by the arcane might of magitek.

Iedolas Ravus Aranea
Verstael Caligo Loqi
Biggs Wedge Ardyn

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