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Welcome to Game8's wiki and guide for the game Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15)! If you're looking for walkthroughs and guides, information on bosses and monsters in the game, and guides on how to move through certain dungeons and specific stages of the game, then you've come to the right place!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Series
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FFXV Story Walkthrough

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All Main Quest Walkthroughs & Guides

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Chapter I
The Pauper Prince
Hunter Becomes the Hunted
The Mutant Marauder
The Errand Prince
A Gentleman's Agreement
Ill Tidings

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Chapter II
The Power of Kings
Declaration of War

FFXV Chapter 3 banner

Chapter III
Burden of Expectation
The Sword in the Waterfall
The Way of Gods and Kings

FFXV Chapter 4 banner

Chapter IV
A Dubious Drive
Onward to the Disc
The Archaean
The Trial of Titan

FFXV Chapter 5 banner

Chapter V
The Hexatheon's Blessings
The Trial of Ramuh
Engaging the Empire

FFXV Chapter 6 banner

Chapter VI
All Set to Sail

FFXV Chapter 7 banner

Chapter VII
Party of Three

FFXV Chapter 8 banner

Chapter VIII
A Precious Source of Power
A Brave New World

FFXV Chapter 9 banner

Chapter IX
Altissia, City on the Sea
The Summit
Into the Fray
The Trial of Leviathan

FFXV Chapter 10 banner

Chapter X
Off the Rails
The Hand of the King

FFXV Chapter 11 banner

Chapter XI
Express Train for Trouble

FFXV Chapter 12 banner

Chapter XII
No Turning Back
Where She Lived
Into the Arctic Crevasse
Breath of the Glacian

FFXV Chapter 13 banner

Chapter XIII
The Imperial Capital
A King's Struggle
Zegnautus Keep
Reunion and Recovery

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Chapter XIV
World of Ruin
A Cure for Insomnia

FFXV Sidequests

List of Sidequests

FFXV Beginner's Tips and Guides

FFXV Beginner

All Beginner's Tips and Guides

Basics of the Game
Basic Commands and Controls How to Fast Travel
Recommended Settings Before Starting How to Save Game and Save Locations
Should I Drive at Night? What Dialogue Options to Choose
What to Do When You Run Out of Fuel How to Sprint Infinitely
Things to Do in Each Town How to Fast Forward to Nighttime
How to Use Potions and Items How to Change Appearance
Combat Tips
Combat Guide How to Point-warp and Warp-strike Easily
Wait Mode or Active Mode? How to Beat Daemons
How to Use Summons How to Get High Grades on Report Cards
How to Use Ring Magic How to Break the Damage Limit
When to Use Royal Arms Elemancy System and How to Use Spells
How to Switch Characters -
Growth Guide
Explanation of Character Levels and Stats Best Early Game Ascension Abilities
How to Farm AP How to Increase Skill Levels
Merits and Demerits of Camping How to Level Up Quickly
How to Farm EXP Quickly -
Gil and Items
How to Earn Gil Quickly How to Get Rare Coins
What to Buy Early in the Game Best and Worst Treasure Items to Sell
List of Best Weapons and How to Get Them List of Best Accessories and How to Get Them
List of Royal Arms Locations List of Upgradable Weapons
Side Quests
Bounty Hunting Guide How to Get Chocobos
How to Increase Hunter Rank How to Unlock Regalia Type-F
How to Fish and Catch Big Fish How to Win Chocobo Races
Justice Monsters Five Guide and Rewards How to Use Multiple Balls at Once (Justice Monsters Five)

FFXV Ascension Abilities

Ascension Banner
Ascension Abilities

Armiger Magic Recovery
Techniques Combat Teamwork
Stats Exploration Wait Mode

FFXV Hunts Guide / List

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List of Hunts

Hunts by Region

Hunts by Region
FFXV_Hammerhead Hammerhead FFXV_Longwythe Longwythe Rest Area FFXV_Galdin Quay Galdin Quay
FFXV_Coernix-Alstor Coernix Station - Alstor FFXV_Wiz Chocobo Post Wiz Chocobo Post FFXV_Verinas Mart-Ravatogh Verinas Mart - Ravatogh
FFXV_Lestallum-Thoroughfare Lestallum (Throroughfare) FFXV_Lestallum-Market Lestallum (Market) FFXV_Cauthess Cauthess Rest Area
FFXV_Taelpar Taelpar Rest Area FFXV_Old Lestallum Old Lestallum FFXV_Altissia Altissia
Meldacio Hunter HQ

FFXV Monsters

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List of Monsters

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Adamantoise Albinogin Alphagin
Anak Anak Calf Anak Stag
Anakadom Anaklaban Arba
Arbagadol Ashenhorn Aspidochelon
Bandersnatch Basilisk Behemoth
Behemoth King Behemoth Tyrant Bennu
Bloodhorn Brutal Bee Cactuar
Catoblepas Chickatrice Cockatrice
Coeurl Copperoc Coraldevil
Daggerquill Deadeye Dualhorn (In)
Dualhorn Big Duplicorn Dynoaevis
Elder Coeurl Flexitusk Gaiatoad
Garula (Big) Garula (Small) Garulessa
Gigantoad Gigantuar Grandhorn
Green Garula Griffon Grootslang
Gurangatch Havocfang Hekatontoad
Hundlegs Hvitrormr Jabberwock
Jormungand Karlabos Killer Queen
Killer Wasp Kingatrice Kujata
Leukorn Magnanir Malbodoom
Malboro Malboro Sprout Mandrake
Megaloclaw Mesmenir Midgardsormr
Mightyshears Molokujata Mushmahhu
Mushussu Phalaris Quetzalcoatl
Reaperking Reapertail Redlegs
Regaltrice Rogue Behemoth Rogue Karlabos
Royalisk Rubyshears Saberclaw
Sahagin Saphyrtail Seadevil
Shieldshears Skarnbulette Slactuar
Soldier Wasp Sparkshears Spiracorn
Stoneshears Thunderoc Treant
Voretooth Wyvern Yellowtooth

FFXV_Daemons subcat banner

Alv Arachne Aramusha
Ariadne Ayakashi Bavarois
Black Flan Bomb Bussemand
Chadarnook Crème Brûlée Daemonwall
Ereshkigal Flan Foras
Galvanade Ganymede Garchimacera
Gargantua Glamhoth Goblin
Grenade Hecteyes Hobgoblin
Ice Bomb Imp Iron Giant
Iseultalon Kokyangwuti Lich
Master Tonberry Mindflayer Naga
Nagarani Naglfar Necromancer
Reaper Red Giant Ronin
Salpinx Sir Tonberry Skeleton
Snaga Tarantula Thunder Bomb
Tonberry Uttu Wraith
Yojimbo Ziggurat

FFXV_Imperial Forces subcat banner

Imperial Forces
Battery Soldier Eternal Trooper Imperial Rifleman
Imperial Sniper Imperial Spearman MA-Hoplomachus
MA-Veles MA-X Angelus-0 MA-X Cuirass Lv22
MA-X Cuirass Lv51 MA-X Dux MA-X Maniple
MA-X Patria Magitek Assassin Magitek Axeman Lv24
Magitek Bannerman Lv18 Magitek Bannerman Lv44 Magitek Bannerman Lv6
Magitek Swordsman Rogue Axeman Shock Trooper

FFXV Items

List of Items.png
List of Items

Auto-Parts Consumables Ingredients
Key Items Leisure Goods Treasures

FFXV Equipment

List of Equipment

Swords Greatswords Polearms Daggers
Firearms Shields Machinery Royal Arms

FFXV Boss Battles

FFXV_Bosses banner.png
Boss Battles Guide

List of Bosses
Ardyn Ravus Titan
Leviathan Aranea Ifrit

FFXV Regional Maps

FFXV_Maps banner
List of Maps

FFXV Astral Summons

FFXV_Astrals banner
List of Summons

Summoned Astrals
FFXV_Titan_thumb Titan FFXV_Ramuh_thumb Ramuh FFXV_Leviathan_thumb Leviathan
FFXV_Shiva_thumb Shiva FFXV_Ifrit_thumb Ifrit FFXV_Bahamut_thumb Bahamut

FFXV Character List

Characters Banner (1).png
Character List

noctis_thumb Noctis gladio_thumb Gladiolus ignis_thumb Ignis
prompto_thumb Prompto regis_thumb Regis cor_thumb Cor
iris_thumb Iris jared_thumb Jared talcott_thumb.png Talcott
monica_thumb Monica dustin_thumb Dustin -
cindy_thumb Cindy cid_thumb Cid takka_thumb Takka
dave_thumb Dave dino_thumb Dino coctura_thumb Coctura
wiz_thumb Wiz sania_thumb Sania navyth_thumb Navyth
holly_thumb Holly vyv_thumb Vyv kimya_thumb Kimya
Currently Unavailable Ezma Currently Unavailable Randolph -
camelia_thumb Camelia weskham_thumb Weskham
luna_thumb Lunafreya umbra_thumb Umbra
pryna_thumb Pryna gentiana_thumb Gentiana
iedolas_thumb Iedolas ravus_thumb Ravus aranea_thumb Aranea
verstael_thumb Verstael caligo_thumb Caligo loqi_thumb Loqi
biggs_thumb Biggs wedge_thumb Wedge ardyn_thumb Ardyn

FFXV Message Boards

FFXV_Message Board banner
Message Boards

List of Message Boards
Discussion Board
Questions Board
Review Board

About the Game

Game Information

FF XV_Cover Art
Date Released November 29, 2016
(PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
March 6, 2018 (Windows)
November 19, 2019 (Stadia)
Producer Shinji Hashimoto
Genre Action role-playing
Platform Playstation 4
Xbox One
Availability Physical and Downloadable copies available
Homepage Final Fantasy XV official website


The Fall of Lucis FFXV Story
On a trip with his friends to see his fiance, the Oracle Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum receives the worst news: the Crown City Insomnia, his home, has fallen to the empire, and his father has been reported dead, along with him and his fiance. In his confused state, he has only one clear thought—to go back, regain the throne of the Kingdom, and assume the mantle of the one True King.

Prince Noctis FFXV Story
Step into the shoes of Prince Noctis in this latest offering from the makers of the highly-acclaimed Final Fantasy series! Join Noctis and his friends Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto as they embark on a journey of redemption as the young prince seeks himself amidst the troubles besetting the world of Eon. Meet new characters and uncover what dark secret the kingdom of Insomnia holds from the past.

Party of Four FFXV Story
Explore various dungeons and complete quests designed to bring out the best of players as they control Noctis and his retinue. Using the latest in high-definition graphics technology, explore Noctis' world and embark on a journey fraught with danger, fantasy, and triumph delivered through norm-defying gameplay dynamics!

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