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This page lists all the available Royal Tombs and Dungeons sidequests in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about the Royal Tombs and Dungeons, and the required items to complete the sidequests!

What are Royal Tombs and Dungeons Sidequests?

These sidequests are about Dungeons and Royal Tombs with the same name as the main quest. Your goal is to defeat the Boss guarding the dungeon and/or explore the local Royal Tombs.

Make sure you reached the recommended level before taking these sidequests, and don't forget to eat a stat-boosting meal prior.

Location and Items for Royal Tombs and Dungeons Sidequests

Name Location Required Item
Balouve Mines Balouve Mines -
Crestholm Channels Crestholm Reservoir -
Costlemark Tower Costlemark Tower -
Daurell Caverns Daurell Caverns -
The Myrlwood Myrlwood -
The Rock of Ravatogh Rock of Ravatogh -
Malmalam Thicket Malmalam Thicket -
Formouth Garrison Leide Region -

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