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This page lists all the available Allies and Miscellaneous sidequests in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about the Allies and Miscellaneous, and the required items to complete the sidequests!

What are Allies and Miscellaneous Sidequests?

Allies and Miscellaneous are various sidequests mostly from your allies.

Location and Items for Allies and Miscellaneous Sidequests

Name Location Required Item
Pilgrimage Wiz Chocobo Post -
Living off the Land Cape Caem -
Symbol of Peace Altissia -
Kitty Catering Galdin Quay -
A Feline Feast Cape Caem Cat Food
Berried Memories Galdin Quay Caem Carrots (x2)
The Perfect Cup - Search for the best Meat Lestallum Behemoth Meat
The Perfect Cup - Search for the best Egg Lestallum Lestallum Zu Egg
The Perfect Cup - Search for the best Shrimp Lestallum Karlabos Carapace
Crazy about Cactuars Formouth Garrison Cactuars

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