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This page contains information about the Cooking skill in Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Information of its effects, as well as how to increase its level and its importance, can be found here.

Cooking Skill Information


"Ignis's area of expertise. He is almost solely responsible for preparing camp meals. His skills improve with every dish he makes."

Level / Effect
New Recipe: Croque Madame
New Recipe: Prairie-Style Skewers
New Recipe: Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish
New Recipe: Breaded Cutlet with Tomato
New Recipe: Creamy Fowl Saute
New Recipe: Fluffy Chiffon Cake
New Recipe: Robust Bean Soup
New Recipe: Creamy Milk Risotto
New Recipe: Lasagna al Forno
New Recpie: Golden Tail Soup

Cooking levels

Additional Cooking Skill Information

How to Increase Cooking Skill Level

Camping and lodging gives the player opportunity to have Ignis prepare a dish for the team. Ignis gains SP for each dish prepared.

Tips for Increasing Cooking Skill Level

The amount of SP gained from each dish depends on the rarity of the recipe and its ingredients so always try choosing dishes that are difficult to discover and obtain rarer ingredients.

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