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This is the page for the Imperial Army category of the Monsters in Final Fantasy 15 (FFXV, FF15). Check this section if you want to know more about the stats and information of a monster in the game!

Final Fantasy XV Bestiary - Imperial Forces

Monster LVL EXP Gain
Magitek Bannerman Lv6 6 18
Imperial Rifleman 16 42
Imperial Sniper 16 47
Battery Soldier 16 42
MA-Veles 17 311
Imperial Spearman 18 60
Magitek Swordsman 18 68
Magitek Bannerman Lv18 18 73
MA-X Cuirass Lv22 22 709
MA-X Maniple 23 605
Magitek Axeman Lv24 24 103
Shock Trooper 31 97
Rogue Axeman 33 166
Eternal Trooper 35 42
Magitek Bannerman Lv44 44 385
MA-Hoplomachus 45 1,884
Magitek Assassin 47 476
MA-X Dux 51 4,286
MA-X Cuirass Lv51 51 3,553
MA-X Patria 76 4,780
MA-X Angelus-0 99 22,108

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