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This page is for The Pauper Prince, the first Quest of Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about which sidequests, bosses, and items are available in this chapter!

FFXV The Pauper Prince Walkthrough

List of Objectives
1 Chapter 1_quest 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough The game begins with the party pushing the Regalia to Hammerhead. Use (R) to look around your surroundings and [R2] to push the car.
2 Cindy_Chapter 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough Talk with Cindy to receive your first map, as well as to regain your bearing.
3 Ask her about your gil problems. She will be sending you on a quest which will help you with your gil and Regalia-related problems.
4 Noctis battles_Chapter 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough Proceed to the quest area. This gives you Ability Points (AP) to spend for Ascension abilities.
5 Noctis equip page_Chapter 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough Go to the Menu Section to power up Noctis and friends. Equip the Bronze Bangle you've received, as well as the 1k gil.
7 The first task requires you to clear out Reapertails in separate areas. Clear out the marks in each area marker.
8 Reapertail cleared_Chapter 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough Check the areas for more clues, then proceed to the next markers to clear out more Reapertails.
9 Cindy EXP_Chapter 1_Final Fantasy 15 walkthrough Head back to Cindy once you complete the mission. Another one will open up once you do.

Tips and Strategies

This is a list of important things to do in the quest The Pauper Prince. Read on to find out which of them is crucial to proceeding.

  • In the beginning, Cindy will be giving you the Overworld Map, which will become a key tool for your survival. Refer to the map always when looking for magic sites (fire, thunder, ice) or when searching for a campsite.
  • Always choose to camp over staying at an Outpost or caravan camper, especially when you're short on gil to use on better things like weapons or items.
  • Sabertusks are always fast and like to circle around. Look to link up with your teammates when you find yourself cornered.
  • You'll also receive your first item from Cindy, but items are usually found on the ground in this location, as well as other outposts.

List of items


List of Items:

Phoenix Down (Phoenix Tail)
Metal Scrap
Broken Harmonica
Debased Coin
Oracle ascension coin

Boss Battles and Monsters


List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:
Coming Soon!

Appearing Bosses

There are no boss battles in this Chapter 1 quest.

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