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This page lists all the available Tours sidequests in the game Final Fantasy XV (FF15, FFXV). Read on for more information about the Tours and the required items to complete the sidequests!

What are Tours Sidequests?

Tours are short sidequests related to Noctis and his friends, that will be triggered when they rest at specific havens. In the morning, some of Noctis' friends will ask him for a favor. Help his friends to complete these sidequests.

Location and Items for Tours Sidequests

Name Location Required Item
Liege of the Lake Cleigne Region Capitis Haven -
Rise and Shine and Run Leide Region -
A flowers for Iris Cleigne Region -
Stirred, not Shaken Leide Region -
The Chopping Block Duscae Region -
Case of the Stolen Specs Cleigne Region -
The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead Leide Region -
Up Close and Personal Duscae Region Mushroom (x3)
Strike a Pose! Cleigne Region -

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