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This page contains information on the region Insomnia, as well as what things to do within the region and where to go. Refer to this page for item and monster information, as well as to find your way around, if you ever get lost!

Insomnia Map - Points of Interest

After Noctis' Return

Area 1

Area 2

Location Information

Insomnia, the royal capital, where the ruling family resides. Noctis leaves this area at the beginning, and returns to a city in shambles. Insomnia is where Noctis confronts Aldyn and faces his fate.

Insomnia Regional Monsters


List of Appearing Monsters/Enemies:

Behemoth King
Eternal Trooper

Insomnia Available Quests


List of Available Quests:

World of Ruin
A Cure for Insomnia

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