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This is the page for all the Altissia (Maagho) hunts in Final Fantasy XV (FFXV, FF15). Visit this page if you want to check up on what hunts you can do and where to find them!

Final Fantasy XV Altissia Region List

Altissia (Maagho) hunts
Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters A Nightmare Upon the Water III Weeds Grow in the Night Back Alley Spook
The Case of the Disappearing Hunters Will-o'-the-Wisps out on the Town A Lost Painting Tourists Fade into the Night
The Tragic Facts King of the Great Escape

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Hunts by Region
FFXV_Hammerhead Hammerhead FFXV_Longwythe Longwythe Rest Area FFXV_Galdin Quay Galdin Quay
FFXV_Coernix-Alstor Coernix Station - Alstor FFXV_Wiz Chocobo Post Wiz Chocobo Post FFXV_Verinas Mart-Ravatogh Verinas Mart - Ravatogh
FFXV_Lestallum-Thoroughfare Lestallum (Throroughfare) FFXV_Lestallum-Market Lestallum (Market) FFXV_Cauthess Cauthess Rest Area
FFXV_Taelpar Taelpar Rest Area FFXV_Old Lestallum Old Lestallum FFXV_Altissia Altissia
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