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Chapter 9 Side Quests (Odd Jobs) | Madam M Route and Sam Route

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This is a guide to all Side Quests (Odd Jobs) found in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). In addition to the locations and rewards for completing each chapter 9 Odd Job, this page will explain the choices you should make to unlock both Madam M's quests and Sam's quests.

Chapter 9 Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

Burning Thighs

Chapter 9 No. 1
Burning Thighs.jpgBurning Thighs
Location: Wall Market Gym
Reward: Unlocks the Squat Minigame

The Party Never Stops

Chapter 9 No. 2 (Sam Route)
The Party Never Stops.jpgThe Party Never Stops
Location: Wall Market Clothing Store
Reward: Turbo Ether

A Dynamite Body

Chapter 9 No. 3 (Sam Route)
A Dynamite Body.jpgA Dynamite Body
Location: Sector 5 Slums Wall Market
Reward: Arcane Scepter

The Price of Thievery

Chapter 9 No. 2 (Madam M Route)
The Price of Thievery.jpgThe Price of Thievery
Location: Wall Market Entrance
Reward: Real calling card
Turbo Ether

Shear's Counterattack

Chapter 9 No. 3 (Madam M Route)
ShearShear's Counterattack
Location: Wall Market (Outside of the Parlor)
Reward: Arcane Scepter

Madam M Route and Sam Route

Both Sam and Madam M have a different side quest route

The side quests that become available in Chapter 9 will differ according to whether you are on Sam's Route or Madam M's Route. On top of the quests being different, the dress that Cloud will wear will differ as well. There are a series of choices throughout Chapter 9 that will give you points towards Sam or Madam M's route and whoever you get the most points for will decide your route. Follow the table below to get the route you want!

Dress Choices | How to Get All Dresses Guide

Situation Choice Points
The girl we're looking for... She's in great shape. Sam +1
She's a great fighter. -
She's great at handling the books. Madam M +1
Hotel Employee ...No thanks. Sam +1
How much? Madam M +1
Back off. -
Agree with Johnny? Yeah Sam +1
No -
Sam's Coin Flip Heads Sam +1.5
Tails Sam +1.5
No deal. Sam +0.5
Madam M's Massage 3000G Madam M +2
1000G Madam M +1
100G -
Leave -
How is Aerith's outfit? It's alright. Sam +1
Looks comfortable. -
It matter what I think? Madam M +1
Mystery Drink in the Underground Arena I'll taste it. Sam +1
I don't need that. -

Dialogue Choices and Consequences | Chapter 14 Resolutions

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11 Anonymousalmost 4 years

I was able to do both side quests on my first round. soooo?? Idk.

10 Adrian_Felicidadabout 4 years

On my second play through I didn’t do the Mirielle side quest and was able to get Madam M’s odd jobs. So I don’t think it has anything to do with it.


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