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This is a guide to all Side Quests (Odd Jobs) found in Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn the locations of all side quests in chapter 8, as well as the rewards for completing them, and a detailed walkthrough for each one!

Chapter 8 Side Quests (Odd Jobs) Map

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  • Weapons on a Rampage must be completed to unlock Paying Respects.
  • Kids on Patrol must be completed to unlock A Verified Hero and The Angel of the Slums. To unlock The Angel of the Slums, you will need to talk with Oates in the Kids' Secret Hideout first.

Chapter 8 Side Quests (Odd Jobs) Guides

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant

Chapter 8 No. 1
Mysterious Moogle.pngThe Mysterious Moogle Merchant
Location: Children's Secret Hideout
Reward: Access to the Moogle Emporium

Kids on Patrol

Chapter 8 No. 2
Kids on Patrol.pngKids on Patrol
Location: The Leaf House
Reward: Nail Bat

Weapons on a Rampage

Chapter 8 No. 3
Weapons on a Rampage.pngWeapons on a Rampage
Location: Station Way
Reward: Protective Boots

A Verified Hero

Chapter 8 No. 4
A Verified Hero.pngA Verified Hero
Location: Children's Secret Hideout
Reward: Elixir

The Angel of the Slum

Chapter 8 No. 5
The Angel of the Slums.pngThe Angel of the Slums
Location: South of the Leaf House
Reward: 2,000 Gil

Paying Respects

Chapter 8 No. 6
Paying Respects.pngPaying Respects
Location: Sector 5 Slums Weapon Shop
Reward: Studded Bracer

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