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The Price of Thievery Walkthrough | How to Unlock Side Quest 14

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The Price of Thievery
This is a walkthrough for Side Quest (Odd Job) 14: The Price of Thievery in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This guide will explain how to unlock this Madam M side quest, how to beat the Grungy Bandit, and rewards for clearing this mission.

Previous Quest Burning Thighs
Current Quest The Price of Thievery
Next Quest Shear's Counterattack

The Price of Thievery Rewards and Information

Quest Giver Location Chapter
Mireille Wall Market 9
Reward Rating
Real Calling Card
Turbo Ether

How to Unlock The Price of Thievery Side Quest

Choose the Madam M Route in Chapter 9

Madam M.jpg

You will unlock this quest depending on the choices you make during the conversation with Johnny, Sam's coin toss, and Madam M's massage courses, as well as a few other interactions. Each choice you make from the table below adds onto a score. Depending on which of the two scores is higher, the route will change accordingly.

How to Take the Madam M

Situation Choice Points
The girl we're looking for... She's in great shape. Sam +1
She's a great fighter. -
She's great at handling the books. Madam M +1
Hotel Employee ...No thanks. Sam +1
How much? Madam M +1
Back off. -
Discovery Quest
Vagabond Johnny
Yeah Sam +1
No -
Sam's Coin Flip Heads Sam +1.5
Tails Sam +1.5
No deal. Sam +0.5
Madam M's Massage 3000G Madam M +2
1000G Madam M +1
100G -
Leave -
How is Aerith's outfit? It's alright. Sam +1
Looks comfortable. -
It matter what I think? Madam M +1
Mystery Drink in the Underground Arena I'll taste it. Sam +1
I don't need that. -

When presented with the dialogue options from the table above, select the options highlighted in red to go on Madam M's route, guaranteed.

Note that you only need to have a higher score for Madam M than for Sam to take her side quests, so it is still possible to take her route without doing everything shown above, as along as you score more points toward Madam M than for Sam.

The Price of Thievery Walkthrough

1 Find Mireille near the entrance of Wall Market and go speak with her.
2 Travel to the destination marker and defeat the four bandits.
3 Return to Mireille and speak with her again.

The Price of Thievery Tips & Tricks

How to Beat the Grungy Bandit

The Grungy Bandit you encounter here is not too different from the other bandits for the most part. You should be able to make quick work of all of them by using a Fire Materia slotted together with Magnify.

Steal a Champion Belt

The rare and powerful Accessory Champion Belt can be stolen from the Grungy Bandit. Stealing from the Grungy Bandit is the only way to obtain this item other than winning the Pro difficulty on the Pull-Up Challenge, which is quite a feat, so be sure not to miss it here.

Best Items to Steal

Side Quest (Odd Job) Related Links

Chapter 9

Both Routes

Quest Reward
1 Burning Thighs.jpgBurning Thighs Unlock the Squats Minigame

Sam Route

Quest Reward
2A The Party Never Stops.jpgThe Party Never Stops Turbo Ether
3A A Dynamite Body.jpgA Dynamite Body Arcane Scepter

Madam M Route

Quest Reward
2B The Price of Thievery.jpgThe Price of Thievery Real calling card
Turbo Ether
3B ShearShear's Counterattack Arcane Scepter

Discovery Quest

Quest Name Reward
Vagabond Johnny ・None (Trophy Unlock)

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