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This is a walkthrough of the FF7 Remake Demo. Read on to find out how to download the FF7 Remake Demo, everything we learned in the demo, all Maps and Items obtainable in the demo, and more.

FF7 Remake Demo

Release Date 2020/03/02
Download File Size 7.5 GB
Dates of Availability 2020/03/02 ~ ???

The FF7 Remake Demo became available on 2020/03/02. It's not known how long it will remain in the PlayStation Store, so be sure to go ahead download and play the Demo as soon as possible.

As the Demo's file size is a bit on the large size, be sure to start the Demo download early, well before you plan to start playing it.

Things you can do in the FF7 Remake Demo

  1. Play the game through the explosion of the Mako Reactor No. 1
  2. Practice the FF7 Remake Battle System
  3. Understand how equipment and other core mechanics of gameplay work

How to Download the FF7 Remake Demo

Open the PlayStation Store

From the PS4 Home menu, access the PlayStation Store.

Go to “What's Hot”

PlayStation Store What
Check the “What's Hot” tab of the PlayStation Store page and select the FF7 Remake Demo.

Download the Demo

Click the Download button to begin downloading the FF7 Remake Demo.

Wait for the Download to Complete

And now comes the waiting game. An absurd amount of time like 30 hours may be displayed at first, but in our team's case, the download wrapped up after only one hour.

Start the Game

Start Demo Button

After the download has completed, you will at last be able to start playing the Demo.

FF7 Remake Demo Walkthrough

Maps and Obtainable Items


List of Maps
1F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - 1F Connecting Passage.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - Connecting Passage
B1F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B1F B2F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B2F B3F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B3F B4F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B4F
B5F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B5F B6F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B6F B7F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B7F B8F.pngEnlarge Mako Reactor 1 - B8F
Red Dot (Treasure Chest) These items are set. The listed item will always be found here.
Yellow Dot (Shinra Box) These items are random. Items other than those listed may be found here.

Obtainable Items

Before the Mako Reactor
Potion x6 Ether x1 Mako Shard x3
Inside the Mako Reactor
Potion x1 Ether x1 Mako Shard x1
Phoenix Down x1 - -

From the Train to the Mako Reactor

1 After getting off the train and going forward a short distance, you'll engage in battle with two Security Officers.
2 When reaching the turnstile at the station, you'll again encounter two Security Officers.
An ATB tutorial will begin.
3 After going through the turnstile, battle with two more Security Officers.
4 On the floor above, there are two treasure chests.
Obtainable Items: (Potion x2) (Hand Grenade x2)
5 After leaving the room, a tutorial will begin.
6 After continuing forward and initiating a cutscene, approach Barret on your right hand side and the door will open.
7 After continuing ahead, a battle with a Security Officer and a Guard Dog will begin.
8 Get on the elevator and go up by pressing the button on the far side.
9 Continue ahead, and when you approach your teammates, a battle with two Security Officers and a Guard Dog will begin.
10 Go under the wire mesh and battle with two Security Officers.
In the same area, you can find a treasure chest (Potion x2)
11 Hold the △ button to interact with the lever on the far side and open the door.
12 When you reach a wall, turn right to enter the Mako Reactor.

Inside the Mako Reactor

1 After entering the Mako Reactor, at the door right at the entrance, talk to Biggs to unlock the door, at which point you'll start a battle with 4 Security Officers.
2 The next door will open on talking with Jessie.
3 Press the button in the elevator to ride, and after getting off you'll immediately face two Sentry Rays and three Monodrives.
4 When continuing ahead, you'll encounter a laser trap, so watch your timing to avoid it.
5 On continuing ahead, you'll battle a Sweeper.
6 Continue further ahead, and go down the ladder on your left.
※You can go down the ladder quickly with the R1 button.
7 Go straight ahead to the far end and obtain a Phoenix Down from the chest.
8 Take the ladder down and encounter a Sentry Ray and two Monodrives.
9 Continue ahead and go down the ladder.
If you continue without going down the ladder, you'll be forced to fight four Monodrives, and obtain two Potions.
10 After continuing ahead, you'll start a battle with the Boss, Scorpion Sentinel.

Escaping from the Mako Reactor

1 Continue along the road while checking the remaining time shown at the top of the screen.
※Remember to sprint by holding either the R1 or R2 button.
2 After climbing up the ladder, you can turn right to destroy some boxes that have re-spawned.
You can obtain another Moogle Medal.
3 Run back past the ladder you came up towards the staircase, and at the top of the staircase you'll start a battle with two Monodrives.
4 After climbing the ladder and watching a cutscene, move left and save Jessie.
5 Slide down the ladder and continue along the path to find a treasure chest with two Potions just to the right of a ladder going up.
6 Continue up until you reunite with Barret, you'll fight with two Security Officers and a Monodrive.
7 Going further in, you'll battle with a Sweeper.
8 After climbing the stairs, you'll battle with four Monodrives.
9 Continuing further along, you'll engage a Shock Trooper in combat.
Watch out – this is the first standard enemy you'll face who puts up a real fight!
10 Further ahead, you'll battle first with two Shock Troopers and two Sentry Rays, then with one more Shock Trooper.
11 On riding the elevator at the far end, the playthrough of the Demo will end.

Tips and Strategies

Open Trasure Chests and Shinra Boxes

Demo Guide 1.jpeg
You can find items from treasure chests and Shinra Boxes placed around the map. Check our maps above to find the locations of all obtainable items.

Watch out for Guard Dogs

Demo Guide 2.jpeg
The Guard Dogs that often accompany Security Officers have high HP and can cause problems, so use focus attacks on them to force them to Stagger so you can finish them off.
Focus Gauge and How to Stagger Enemies

Use Magic on Sweepers

Demo Guide 3.jpeg
The Sweeper enemies that appear in the second half are weak to Magic attacks. Stagger them and hit hard with Magic to take them out.

Use Counters against Shock Troopers

Demo Guide 4.jpeg
The Shock Troopers who show up during the escape from the Mako Reactor are some of the strongest regular enemies appearing so far. They will often block your attacks, so using counters to turn the situation in your favor is a must.

How to Counter Attacks
1. With Cloud, press △ to switch into Punisher Mode
2. Hold down R1 and wait for the opponent's attack
3. Cloud will Counter automatically when the attack hits

Boss Strategy Guide

Scorpion Sentinel

Guard Scorpion In Battle.jpg
The Boss Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Thunder Magic. As Barret can use Thunder Magic, either change characters and battle as Barret, or use L2 or R2 to give commands to your party members.

In a pinch, Cloud will give hints for how to defeat the Boss, so as long as you follow what he says, this battle should go off without a hitch.
How to Beat Scorpion Sentinel

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I know I'm late with the demo and the game is already here... But, still like to try the demo first. Thanks for the download guide.

17 Anonymous3 months

thanks for collecting all these stuff.. here for the download, finally can play the game :)

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