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This is a review of the Demo version of FF7 Remake. We've written our thoughts after exploring the nooks and crannies of the Demo. Should you buy the full game? Read on to find out.

Our Rating of the FF7 Remake Demo

Team Member A's Rating

Rating: 8/10
After playing this Demo, I knew that I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I wasn't honest in calling it 'legendary' – that's how legendary it was to me. Wow, the battles are real action! And the characters are talking to each other! Cloud looks like such a badass, and Aerith is cute like she should be. And Barret, who knows what's up with him, haha. As a huge fan of this game since the original release, I consider myself to be 100% satisfied with what I found in the demo.
There were just a few flaws, such as the difficulty of using the Lock-on system, but other than that, I was completely satisfied. I'm just left here wanting to see crossdressing Cloud in his full glory.

Team Member B's Rating

Rating: 8/10
As a fan of the original game, I've been waiting for this remake for what feels like forever. Now I feel like I just ate a Limit Break attack after how amazing the Demo was. Just my personal opinion, but the characters' one-on-one interactions was so good, it takes me back to the times I roleplayed as Cloud on the playground in middle school. There's just one word to describe him – badass.
The battle system is honestly smoother than I was expecting, and although it's adding action into a game that was original turn-based, the easy controls and shortcuts made it a breeze to fight. Even for those who aren't used to action games, Classic Mode is available to allow fighting just by pressing the command buttons – it shows that they're doing their best to work with the original fans of the game to deliver a new vision.
As for what I felt could have been better, the Lock-on feature was difficult to use, and the lack of a Jump button seemed inconvenient, but nothing too major. Overall, I was highly satisfied and feel that this is going to be a game that delivers on a big promise.

Team Member C's Rating

Rating: 8/10
Let's just start off by mentioning how beautiful these graphics are – Cloud is the beautiful man we were promised, with no bowling pin arms to speak of. And not just Cloud, even the minor characters Biggs, Wedge and Jessie are depicted with such care and detail. As for the battles, they're completely different from the original FF7, verging on a straight-up action game, but the effective placement of commands and shortcuts make it easy to play even for those less acquainted with the action genre.
On the other hand, the Lock-on feature in mid-battle is a bit hard to use, and I'm looking forward to seeing it improved in the final cut.

Team Member P's Rating

Rating: 10/10
As a long-time fan of FF7, I've been looking forward to this Remake for a long time. The evolution of the graphics compared to the original, and the voice actors chosen for the task are incredible. Scenes like Jessie's rescue, which before were barely depicted from the sheer limitation of polygons, and Barret's grilling of Cloud, make the story much easier to understand than the original game.
The speed of movement, while running, and on ladders, etc., also feels much faster and not frustrating like in the original game. I felt that the battles were a bit difficult, but I'm sure that's something that just takes a little getting used to.

What We Liked About the FF7 Remake Demo

The clear graphics


The best part of FF7 Remake is without a doubt, the graphical improvements compared to the original FF7.

Characters which were once constructed only of polygons have, thanks to modern technology, transformed into almost-real faces. Playing this game feels like being able to directly control the characters that appeared in the film FF7 Advent Children, a feat which would never have been possible in games at the time.

Characters like enemies and bosses have also been revamped, to become much more fearsome than they appeared in the original game.

Comparison of the opening scenes of FF7 and FF7 Remake

FF7 FF7 Remake
Review_Screenshot_2.jpegEnlarge Review_Screenshot_4.jpegEnlarge
Review_Screenshot_3.jpegEnlarge Review_Screenshot_5.jpegEnlarge

The battles are fun


A far cry from the original game, the battles in FF7 Remake are action packed, with the characters attacking each other in real-time with a sense of urgency in every battle. On the other hand, controlling the characters is easy enough, allowing players to simply mash the attack button to create combos smoothly.

Also, when attacking enmies repeatedly, the enemies will fall into a Staggered state, removing their defenses and allowing the player to temporarily inflict massive damage. This keeps the player on their toes and keeps them from falling into a tedious rhythm.

The characters talk... a lot


One aspect we can't leave out when discussing FF7 Remake is the addition of voices to the game. Characters will even talk and shout out during battle, making you feel even more attached to the characters you fell in love with in the original game.

In particular, Barret is a character who looks tough and scary, but his repeated interjections and jests throughout the game make him quickly lovable to players.

List of Characters

What We Didn't Like About the FF7 Remake Demo

Classic Mode isn't quite all there


The Classic Mode takes the action out of the game, allowing characters to move around automatically and allowing the player to focus on the command buttons. It seems like it could be a good setting, but it doesn't automatically target enemy's weak points. Also, the difficulty mode is locked on the Easy setting, making the enemies feel like pushovers. We're hoping this is a feature that will be improved in the final version.

Normal Mode is a little tough


When playing on Normal mode, we felt that many of the enemies were quite tough. In particular, the boss Scorpion Sentinel is powerful both offensively and defensively, and first-timers are going to be in for a hard fight no matter what. For players who are unused to action games, this difficulty setting seems a bit steep.

Fortunately, for those who find Normal mode to be overly challenging, you can change to Easy mode at any time from the game's Options menu.

How to Change Difficulty

The Lock-on feature


There is a system to lock on to enemies during battle, but it's surprisingly difficult to use. When the opponent moves quickly, or you move while trying to lock on to the opponent, the camera doesn't move smoothly to match the lock-on. And when you try to adjust the camera to get a better view, it instead changes the lock-on target. We're just hoping they work out some of these kinks in the final version.

Basic Controls

You can't jump


In a game focused on action, it seems a bit of shame that jumping was left out of the control scheme. On the other hand, this may be a specific choice on the side of the developers to try to mix the styles of action games and command-oriented games.

It seems that the issue is resolved by simply having Cloud jump automatically when attacking an out-of-reach enemy.

Dodging provides almost no invulnerability


The evasion command used in battle allows you to make distance between yourself and an opponent, but it doesn't do much as for actually dodging attacks. Missiles, lasers and more will run ramshod over you when trying to evade with a roll. It seems that a few more invincibility frames couldn't hurt, and we're hoping to see changes in this vein in the version of the game we're excited to have in our hands on April 10th this year. Stay tuned for our updated review and rating for the final game!

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So what about a new review for the full game? Really want to hear what people say about the "questionable" ending.

26 Anonymous3 months

Normal really is the perfect challenge. On chapter 14 and have only died a few times. You just have to take your time and be smart on weaknesses and you'll do fine. The few times I have died is mostly due to me rushing to get the kill. Normal isn't hard at all really.

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