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This is a guide to beating the boss Scorpion Sentinel from Chapter 1 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This article explains Scorpion Sentinel's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating it.


Basic Information

Scorpion Sentinel
Guard Scorpion.jpg
Where it Appears Weaknesses
Mako Reactor Thunder

Changes form as it takes damage


Each time Scorpion Sentinel takes a set amount of damage, it will change its form and its attack pattern. Keep in mind how to handle each of its forms before wrangling with it.

Summary of each form

Remaining HP Method of Attack
100% (Phase 1) Locks onto its target, then exacts a concentrated attack
70% (Phase 2) Puts up a barrier to deflect attacks
40% (Phase 3) Begins using its Tail Laser occasionally
10% (Phase 4) Activates an auto-repair unit to heal itself. Will use Overkill, a flurry of ranged attacks

Scorpion Sentinel's Attack Patterns

Attack Description
Tail Laser
※Watch Out!
Stores up electric waves and fires a laser from its tail
EM-Field Releases an electric wave into the surrounding area
Mark 99 Launchers Fires out a salvo of small missiles
Mark 98 Cannons Fires out a flurry of bullets
Tail Swipe Lashes out and strikes with its tail
Scorpion Strikes Hits the ground repeatedly with its tail
Stinger Salvo Fires off blasts from its tail
Jumping Press Leaps up high and attempts to crush the opponent
Electrostomp Presses hard with its front legs charged with electricity
Death Grip Swipes out with its claw to grab someone in front
Target Scanner Uses a target to unleash a concentrated attack
Overkill Launches a chaotic salvo of missiles toward anything in front

Tips & Strategies for Beating Scorpion Sentinel

Table of Contents (click to jump)

1 Thunder brings the pain
2 Balancing attacking and defending is key
3 When bound, switch characters and attack
4 When the barrier is up, attack from behind
5 Hide from Tail Laser behind debris
6 When it's on its last legs, destroy them
7 Hard to fill its Focus Gauge
8 After it's staggered, lay on the damage

Thunder brings the pain

Scorpion Sentinel's main weakness is Thunder Magic. Barret can use Thunder, so either switch to Barret and attack, or use the ◯ button to select the Thunder command.

Balancing attacking and defending is key


Scorpion Sentinel uses a variety of ranged attacks, and Cloud in particular can have his HP run ragged in a matter of moments. Instead of simply pushing hard offensively, it's important to Guard sometimes and play defensively to limit the amount of damage your party takes.

When bound, switch characters and attack


Scorpion Sentinel is able to use Death Grip, an unguardable attack which bounds one of your characters. When one of your characters is bound, they will be unable to move and also take damage when the move is over, so switch to the other character to continue attacking and save the bound teammate.

How to Get Unbound

When the barrier is up, attack from behind


In Scorpion Sentinel's 2nd Phase, it will set up a barrier which can deflect attacks. On its tail end, the Field Generator will be visible, and is vulnerable to attacks. Use Abilities and Magic to deal damage.

Hide from Tail Laser behind debris


In its 3rd Phase, Scorpion Sentinel will repeatedly gather electricity and fire off its Tail Laser. It deals heavy damage, in Normal Mode averaging around 600. The scattered surrounding debris can protect you from the attack, so when the animation for the attack begins, be sure to start searching for a place to hide.

How to Change Difficulty

When it's on its last legs, destroy them


When Scorpion Sentinel has only a small amount of HP remaining, it will begin to heal itself while attacking in a frenzy. By destroying its left and right legs, you can cause it to falter and stop moving, so be sure to focus your most powerful Abilities on the legs.

Hard to fill its Focus Gauge


Scorpion Sentinel's Focus Gauge takes a long time to fill up. Simply attacking haphazardly will make the battle long and arduous – it's best to aim for a Stagger, which will provide an opening to pull ahead in the battle.

Chances to Stagger Scorpion Sentinel

1st Chance After saving your teammate from Death Grip (~1 second window)
2nd Chance The barrier from the 2nd Phase must have been destroyed
3rd Chance After it uses Tail Laser in the 3rd Phase (~3 second window)
4th Chance After destroying its legs in the 4th Phase

After it's staggered, lay on the damage


If you've pulled off the tough feat of Staggering Scorpion Sentinel, seize your chance to attack. When attacking with Cloud or Barret's Unique Ability, your ATB Gauge will be maxed out, so rain down hard on it with Abilities and Magic.

Don't forget – after you've Staggered an enemy, your Limit Gauge will fill up. When it's at max, you'll be able to do a mega-powerful Limit Break attack, so save up to unleash at the end of the fight.

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