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FF7 Beginner

This guide is chock full of advice for new players to the game FF7 Remake. If you're wondering how to make Gil fast, or how to learn the next Limit Break, we've got the goods. Learn how to maximize the fun in your playthrough of FF7 Remake.

Beginner Guides

How to Level Up Fast

Level 50.jpg

Bosses feel tough? Need some more HP to survive those fights? Then leveling your character is definitely the right choice! Check out our leveling guide to easily reach the Level 50 cap.

Best Exp Farming Guide

Gil Farming Guide

Chapter 16.png

Gil has always been a necessity in any RPGs and FF7 Remake is not an exception. Buy all the equipment and items you need after following our guide about farming gil just right here.

Gil Farming Guide

AP Farming Guide

Materia Slots 1.jpg

Gaining AP is necessary if you want to strengthen your materias and gain access to high-tier spells and effects. Check our guide below to efficiently max out your materias!

AP Farming Guide

Where to Buy Items


There are places where you can spend your hard-earned Gil for useful items and you can find them scattered around the map. Check out the link below for a guide to the different shops where you can buy the items that you will need on your journey!

Where to Buy Items

How to Get DLC Items

Corneo Armlet banner.png

Butterfinger DLC items are now available for everyone! Click the link below for more information about these freebies and how to obtain them!

How to Get DLC Items | Butterfinger Items

Tips & Tricks

Hard Mode Guide


Hard Mode gives challenges that are far more difficult than any part of the first playthrough. Read our guide below about all things you should know before moving on to Hard Mode!

Hard Mode Guide and Best Hard Mode Builds

Battle Strategy & Tips


Never go into a fight unprepared! Check our guide for things that you should get ready before and during combat by clicking the link below!

Battle Strategy & Tips

Best Items to Sell


Another way to earn Gil is through selling items, and you can get a lot just by selling a single item! Check the guide below for a list of the best items to sell and where to obtain them!

Best Items to Sell


Trophy List and Guide


Aiming for Final Fantasy VII Remake's Platinum Trophy? Click the link below for the list of all obtainable trophies and how to get them!

Trophy List and Guide

How to Get All Dresses


Getting all 9 dresses is required if you want to obtain all trophies and have a complete play log. Our guide below will show you the steps that you need to take to obtain all the dresses in the game!

How to Get All Dresses Guide

All Johnny Incidents


Make sure you witness all events involving Johnny to obtain The Johnny Experience trophy!

All Johnny Incidents

Manuscript Locations


Collecting manuscripts is required for you to be able to achieve the max level of weapons and unlock more weapon upgrades. Check out our guide to collecting all manuscripts in the game!

Manuscript List and Locations by Chapter

Music Disc Locations


Collecting all music discs gives you more songs to jam to and will also reward you with the Music Collector trophy. Click the link below to know more of their locations!

Music Disc Locations

Complete List of Missables

Missables Items and Events

Worried about missing out on powerful weapons, summons or events? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Complete List of Missable Items & Events

Moogle Medal Locations and Uses

Moogle Medal.png

You've probably picked up some of these on your way through Midgard. If you're wondering what to use them for or where to get more, look no further than the guide below!

Moogle Medal Guide | Locations & Uses

Best Items to Steal and List of Stealable Items


Some enemies hold rare items that can only be obtained using the Steal Materia. Don't miss out on your chance to steal a rare item by checking our complete Steal List and Guide!

Steal List | List of All Stealable Items and Best Items to Steal

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2 Anonymousabout 4 years

You'll need the ATB gauge to get unbound immediately. The bound character can't move so you'll be using the ATB gauge of one of your allies

1 Anonymousabout 4 years

Can we get tips on how to use our ATB optimally? I mean, is there a perfect moment i should use it? Or should i just keep hoarding it most of the time?


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