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Butterfinger DLC Items now available for everyone!

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This is a guide for the Butterfinger DLC items in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Know more about these newly added DLC items and how to obtain them for free below!

What are the Butterfinger DLC Items?

These items, along with the PS4 Dynamic Tifa Theme, were only available through the Butterfinger Campaign which officially ended at 11:59 PM ET on May 14, 2020.

However, the DLC items were made available on August 6, 2020 for everyone!

These freebies include:

How to Obtain the Butterfinger DLC Items

To obtain these items, simply click the link of the corresponding item below.

You can also download them directly on your PS4 by going to Final Fantasy VII Remake Add-Ons and installing them one-by-one.

Once installed, load any of your save data in the game and collect the items by going to Menu > System > DLC.

List of Butterfinger DLC Items

Midgar Bangle

Midgar BangleMidgar Bangle 0 0 18 18

Useful in early game and is slightly better than Iron Bangle.

Shinra Bangle

Shinra BangleShinra Bangle 0 0 20 20 ○○

Better than the first armors available for its balanced defense capabilities and 2 materia slots.

Corneo Armlet

Corneo ArmletCorneo Armlet 0 0 22 22 ○-○

Its balanced defense boost and 2 linked materia slots makes it on par, if not better, with most mid-game armors.

Superstar Belt

Accessory Effect
Superstar BeltSuperstar Belt Avoid incapacitation once per battle. Does not work against instant death attacks or when HP is at 1.

A very handy substitute for Revival Earrings as it won't break once it activates its effect, although it still only works once per battle.

Useful in difficult battles, especially in Hard Mode.

Mako Crystal

Accessory Effect
Mako CrystalMako Crystal Reduces fire, ice, lightning, and wind damage taken.

This accessory effectively decreases damage received from elemental attacks, making it a safe pick against a lot of enemies, especially bosses.

List of Equipment

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2 Anonymous5 months

>>1 Looks like the items aren't available for everyone. The video on the tweet says "Offer not available in all regions". :/

1 Anonymous5 months

How to get this items if im using Disk to play FF7? I had try to download it from PS Store, however in unable to install into my PS4.

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