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Moogle Medals

This guide contains information on Moogle Medal locations and what you can buy with them in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on if you want to know where to find them, Moogle Emporium (Moogle Shop) prices, and a list of items you can buy for Moogle Medals.

Where to Find Moogle Medals

Moogle Medal in Inventory

Get from Treasure Chest

Moogle Medals can found found in specific Treasure Chests throughout the chapter.

For precise locations and maps, check out our Story Walkthrough.

Story Walkthrough

Get from Shinra Boxes

You can also find Moogle Medals by destroying Shinra Boxes. However, unlike Treasure Chests they drop randomly

How to Quickly Farm Moogle Medals

Earned by Doing the Whack-a-Box Mini-Game

In Chapter 8 you unlock access to the Whack-a-Box Mini-Game where you can get Moogle Medals as a participation reward. A game on Normal will last 90 seconds, and in Chapter 14 you can play on Hard which is only 30 seconds. As the Mini-Game doesn't require you to win to earn the medals, you don't have to hit any boxes and can let the timer run out to quickly and consistently farm Moogle Medals!

How to Unlock Whack-A-Box

The Moogle Shop

Moogle Emporium

Buy Items at the Moogle Emporium

In Chapter 8, you can gain access to the Moogle Emporium, which is the shop where you can trade your Moogle Medals for items.

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Guide

List of Moogle Emporium Items

Chapter 8
Item Name Price and Description
20. Golden Saucer Medals: 1
Adds the song to your Music collection.
Ether Medals: 2
Restores 20 MP.
Silver Staff
Medals: 2
Weapon for Aerith.
Ability: Sorcerous Storm
Whistlewind Scarf
Medals: 3
Enter battle with a slightly filled ATB gauge.
Salvation Badge
Medals: 1
Increases the effectiveness of healing spells cast on you when HP is 25% or lower.
Graveyard Key Medals: 1
A key to the gate of the Sector 5 slums' graveyard.
The Art of Swordplay - Vol. I Medals: 5
Increases Cloud's skill points.
Sharpshooter's Companion - Vol. I Medals: 5
Increases Barret's skill points.
Way of the Fist - Vol. I Medals: 5
Increases Tifa's skill points.
Telluric Scriptures - Vol. I Medals: 5
Increases Aerith's skill point.
Chapter 14
Item Name Price and Description
Turbo Ether Medals: 4
Fully restores MP.
Elixir Medals: 8
Fully restores HP and MP.
Steel Pincers
Medals: 7
A close-combat weapon with steel blades desiged to slice enemies to ribbons.
Enfeeblement Ring Medals: 1
A ring that makes the wearer feel as if they are a frog staring into the eyes of a viper.
Moogle's Mortar Medals: 1
A medicinal mortar that Moggie sometimes has in stock.

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