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This is a guide to farming gil (money) quickly in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). In addition to early game farming spots, we will explain how you can get 10,000 gil in just 4 minutes after clearing the game. If you are wondering how to get more gil easily, read on!

Gil Farming Preparations

Get the Gil Up Materia

The Gil Up Materia will increase the amount of gil you receive in battle by 100%. This extremely useful materia can be picked up in the Sinra Combat Simulator, located in Chapter 16 / 17. Make sure to pick it up here when you have the chance!

How to Get the Gil Up Materia

How to Get Gil in the Story


Clear the Odd Jobs that appear in the story

If you need more gil, completing the side quests that appear along the way is a great way to get it!

List of Side Quests (Odd Jobs)

You should aim to clear the story as quickly as possible

Gil is most easily farmed after clearing the main story and unlocking the Chapter Selection feature. If you don't care about completing the side quests in particular and just want the gil, we recommend setting them aside to clear the game as fast as possible.

Set the difficulty to easy

In FF7 Remake, the amount of gil obtained through battle does not change based on difficulty settings. Therefore, going to easy mode will allow you to defeat enemies way quicker and farm gil more efficiently.

Farming Gil Post Game (Fastest Method)

Chapter 16.png

Repeat Chapter 16 up to entering the Shinra Building

One of the easiest methods of farming gil involves playing Chapter 16 repeatedly up to the point where you enter the Shinra Building.

After defeating all of the Shinra enemies that appear at the start of Chapter 16, load up the Chapter Select screen and go back to the start of Chapter 16.

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast Story Guide & Walkthrough

Req. Time and Gil / Exp. Gained

Req. Time 4 to 5 Minutes
Gil Gained 5,276 Gil (10,552 Gil)
Exp. Gained 12,354 Exp. (24,708 Exp.)

Note: The parenthesis show the values if you have the Gil Up / Exp. Up Materia equipped.

Use the Magnify and Fire Materia to blast through

Since most of the Shinra enemies are humans and thus weak to fire, equip Fire and Magnify together in your materia slots to get through this sequence as fast as possible.

Since you will naturally stagger a ton of enemies, equipping First Strike and ATB Stagger is also very useful, since they will allow you to continuously gain more ATB.

Simultaneously Level Up

When using Chapter 16 to gain gil, you will simultaneously gain 12,354 Exp. (24,798 with the Exp. Up Materia), so this sequence is great for farming gil, Exp, as well as AP, all at the same time.

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