Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Designer Goggles Scroll - How to Get and Craftable Items

Designer Goggles is a Scroll in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn where Designer Goggles can be found, and what Weapons and Equipment can be crafted with it.

Designer Goggles Basic Information

Common Location Price
Lynari Desert (Cycle 3) 200
Craftable Locations (Blacksmiths)
Tipa (Tailor Lv2 or higher)

How to Get the Designer Goggles Scroll

Dungeons Containing Designer Goggles

Dungeon Cycle
Lynari Desert Cycle 3
Moonlit Desert Gigantuar

There are no Bosses who drop this item.

Items Craftable with Designer Goggles


Name Defense Effect
Eagle Goggles - Focus Attack range +20

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