Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Rune Staff Artifact - How to Get and Effect

Rune Staff is an Artifact in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn what this Artifact does, how to obtain it, and what bosses drop it as a reward.

Rune Staff Effects

Currently UnavailableRune Staff
Magic +1

How to Get the Rune Staff Artifact

Dungeon Locations

Dungeon Cycle
Rainy Ruins Treasure Chest
Tida Cycle 3
Moschet Manor Cycle 1 & Boss
Daemon's Court Cycle 1
Selepation Cave Boss
Rebena Te Ra Cycle 1

Bosses who Drop Rune Staff

Boss Dungeon Set
Gigas Lord ImageGigas Lord Moschet Manor 1
Cave Worm ImageCave Worm Selepation Cave 4

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