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FF XII How to beat Ghis
This page contains information about the boss Judge Ghis from the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF XII, FF12). Read on to know more about this boss fight including the boss' moveset and strategies to use against it.

How to Beat Judge Ghis


FF XII How to beat Ghis
Being a Judge, Judge Ghis has access to strong physical attacks and uses Aero-based Magicks. He is also accompanied by three soldiers which can complicate things some more during the fight.


FF XII Judge Ghis
Have a White Mage cast Protect, Shell, and Cure on the party. Two frontliners with a decent amount of HP and damage are also recommended. One of these frontliners should have the Manufacted Nethicite equipped on them.


FF XII Judge Ghis moves
Ghis uses Aero, which is a Wind-element Magick. This boss will also use Kick and Lunge from time to time. These are normal attacks but they deal high damage, thanks to Ghis' stats. Ghis will also use Mighty Guard but only when he is in low health.


White Mage
Gambit: Target Gambit: Command
Ally: HP < 50% Cure
Ally: any Protect
Ally: any Shell
Ally: HP < 70% Cure

Disable the Ally 50% heal after buffs have been applied.

Knight / Damage Dealer
Gambit: Target Gambit: Command
Ally: HP < 30% Potion
Foe: targeted by ally Attack


Focus on the soldiers while preparing buffs for the entire party. By the time the soldiers are defeated, your caster will have Protect and Shell up for every character.

Have the two frontliners keep up dealing damage to Ghis. Leave the Healing and other restorative Magicks to the White Mage.

Cheese Strategy

Want the battle to end quickly? Here's what you should do:

As usual, have your White Mage cast Protect on the entire party. Take out the three soldiers, then focus on Judge Ghis. By this time, you should use a Reflectga Mote to cast Reflect on all party members. Afterwards, resume your attack on Ghis.

When his HP goes down, he will automatically cycle to using Aero. However, with Reflect up, those Aeros will bounce back on him, dealing damage for each party member that was supposed to catch the force of the spell. Combined with your attacks, the battle will end swiftly and badly for Ghis.

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