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This page lists all Accessories from the game Final Fantasy XII (FF12, FFXII, FFXII Zodiac Age). Read on to see the stats bonuses gained from each Accessory.

List of Accessories

Accessory Special Properties
Currently UnavailableGodess's Magicite Effect: Reduces MP to 0.
Currently UnavailableManufacted Nethicite Effect: Silence
Currently UnavailableRibbon Immune: All negative status effects. Equip: Regen, Libra
Currently UnavailableFuzzy Miter Immune: Petrify
Currently UnavailableCat-ear Hood Obtain LP becomes Gil.
Currently UnavailableQuasimodo Boots Immune: Sap
Currently UnavailableWinged Boots Equip: Float
Currently UnavailableSteel Poleyns Move safely past traps.
Currently UnavailableGillie Boots Immune: Oil
Currently UnavailableHermes Sandals Equip: Haste
Currently UnavailableGerminas Boots Immune: Immobilize
Currently UnavailableBattle Harness When attacked, automatically counter with weapon in hand.
Currently UnavailableBlack Belt Immune: Immobilize, Disable
Currently UnavailableNishijin Belt Immune: Sleep
Currently UnavailableCameo Belt Improves chance to hit.
Currently UnavailableBubble Belt Equip: Reflect
Currently UnavailableSash Immune: Slow
Currently UnavailableFirefly Reduces EXP earned to 0.
Currently UnavailableBowline Sash Immune: Confuse
Currently UnavailableGolden Amulet Doubles license points earned.
Currently UnavailableIndigo Pendant Improves chance to strike with magicks.
Currently UnavailablePheasant Netsuke Improves potency of restorative items such as potions. (Doubles effects)
Currently UnavailableRose Corsage Immune: Silence
Currently UnavailableSteel Gorget Increases strength when HP critical. (Normal attack damage doubled. Same as the Adrenaline augment.)
Currently UnavailableJade Collar Improves chances of avoiding attacks.
Currently UnavailableLeather Gorget Increases magick power when HP Critical.
Currently UnavailableEmbroidered Tippet Doubles EXP earned for the user.
Currently UnavailableNihopalaoa Reverses effects of restorative items such as potions.
Currently UnavailableTurtleshell Choker Enables casting of magicks with gil, rather than MP.
Currently UnavailableGauntlets Reduces physical damage when HP critical.
Currently UnavailableGenji Gloves Increase chance of combo attacks to [Conbo Rate x 1.8]%.
Currently UnavailableBlazer Gloves Increases strength when HP is full.
Currently UnavailableThief's Cuffs Enables the theft of superior and rare items.
Currently UnavailableMagick Gloves Increases magick power when HP is full.
Currently UnavailableBerserker Bracers Equip: Berserk
Currently UnavailableAmber Armlet Increases physical damage dealt while empty-handed.
Currently UnavailableDiamond Armlet Obtain superior items from chests, coffers, and the like. Most treasures have 5% chance of the rare treasure and 95% of Knot of Rust when Diamond Armlet is equipped, Trial More treasures being an exception. (Only effective when equipped on the party leader, or Vaan in towns.)
Currently UnavailableArgyle Armlet Immune: Blind
Currently UnavailablePower Armlet Immune: Stop
Currently UnavailableOrrachea Armlet Sllightly raises max HP.
Currently UnavailableBangle Equip: Libra
Currently UnavailableAgate Ring Equip: Nullifies weather and terrain effects on elemental damage.
Currently UnavailableRing of Renewal Equip: Regen
Currently UnavailableSage's Ring Reduces MP cost by half.
Currently UnavailableTourmaline Ring Immune: Poison, Sap
Currently UnavailableRuby Ring Equip: Reflect
Currently UnavailableOpal Ring Magicks will not bounce off targets with Reflect status.

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