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FF XII Monographs
This is the article page for the Monographs miscellaneous quest of the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age). Item locations, tasks that need doing, and other important aspects of this side quest is available here.

Monographs Objectives


No. Objectives
1 You can start collecting Monographs soon as you finish the Thextera hunt. Gatsly will give you the Forgotten Grimoire for the Hunter's Monograph.
2 The second monograph can be received by talking to the owner of any weapons shop.
3 The third monograph is received through talks with the owner of a magick shop.
4 two monographs can be received through checking the Hunt board.
5 the fifth monograph can be received through talking with any shopowner (magick, weapons, items, or armor).
6 the last monograph can be received through talks with an armor shop owner.

How to Get The First Monograph

Finish the Quest from Gatsly

Remember Gatsly? He was the down-on-his-luck merchant from before who posted a the 'Wolf in the Waste' hunt on the Hunts board. Talk to him once you see him at the Muthru Bazaar.

He will tell you to search in the Bazaar for an item that serves as your secondary reward. Look for it among the different wares.

Receiving the Hunter's Monograph

Once you have enough money for it, buy the 'Forgotten Grimoire.' It will appear as the Hunter's Monograph once you've paid for it with enough money.

List of Monographs

The Hunter's Monograph, along with the rest of the other monographs, will appear as Forgotten Grimoires, save for one. Refer to this list for information on how to get them.

Monograph Bazaar Name Price How to Get Effects
Hunter's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 18000 Speak with Gatsly in Muthru Bazaar after completing the 'Wolf in the Waste' hunt. Beasts/Avions drop enhanced loot.
Knight's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 19000 Speak with any weapons merchant over 30 times. Giants/Insects drop enhanced loot.
Scholar's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 22000 Speak with any armor merchant over 15 times Constructs drop enhanced loot.
Mage's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 21000 Speak with any magick merchant over 25 times. Fiends drop enhanced loot.
Sage's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 25000 Speak with any merchant over 100 times. Elementals drop enhanced loot.
Warmage's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 20000 Take a look at the Hunt bulletin board over 20 times. Amorphs/Undead drop enhanced loot.
Dragoon's Monograph Forgotten Grimoire 22000 Take a look at the Hunt bulletin board over 40 times. Dragons/Plants drop enhanced loot
Morbid Urn Forgotten Grimoire 250000 Sell these items collected from quests:
Phobos Glaze,
Horakhty's Flame,
Deimos Clay
All enemies drop Arcana

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