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Once you've defeated Final Fantasy XII (FFXII, FF12) the first time, what is there to do? Learn how to re-visit Ivalice once again with all your hard-earned weapons and the skills you fought tooth and nail for here!

What is the New Game Plus?

New Game message FF12 New Game+
In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, New Game Plus represents a new game with all of your hard-earned items and weapons included in the game. You get any rare weapon, Technick, Magick, or armor that you had in the base game, and bring them into a new adventure.

The exception here is the Espers and your licenses. You can still, however, carry over any leftover License Points (LP) from the base game.

How do you start a New Game Plus?

End credits FF12 New Game+
Starting a New Game Plus is pretty simple; you just have to finish the game. Once the end credits finish rolling, you will be asked whether you want to begin another game, this time with all your booty from the previous game carried over.

It is slightly different in the Steam version of the game, where the options for a New Game Plus and the New Game Minus are available from the start.

Difference between the New Game Plus and New Game Minus

Where there is a New Game Plus, there is also a New Game Minus. This feature is made popular by the ‘122333’ challenge, where people played the game without the usual level-up they had access to at the beginning.

The New Game Minus is simply an easier way of playing the low-level challenge without having to go to great lengths to activate it.

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