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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Bhujerba to the Dreadnought Leviathan in the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII, FFXII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Bhujerba Story Walkthrough


1 A cutscene reveals your mission.Leave the Bhujerba Aerodrome.
2 Leave the city through the lower southeast section, then take a path heading to the northeastern section. A complete map of the mines is available from the Cartographer moogle.
3 Go all the way north for a cutscene. Afterwards, you will enter the mine/dungeon.

Lhusu Mines Story Walkthrough


1 After the cutscene, search the mines for Penelo. It will be useful to equip a character with the 'Libra' technick to look out for mines and other traps.
2 Head up north, past the tracks, for a cutscene with Larsa and the bangaa Ba'Gamnan.
3 You can either fight Ba'Gamnan or flee to enter another cutscene. If you're at a low level, flee towards Bhujerba.
4 Two more cutscenes occur, one showing Penelo's current condition and another happening as you enter Bhujerba.
5 You will be tasked to spread rumors that Basch is alive in Bhujerba to gain an audience with the city governor. Talk where there are city parijanahs (guys who are carrying books) to advance the meter.
tip It is suggested that the player buy the Magicks Protect and Shell from the magic shop.
6 Once the meter is full, the Marquis will speak with you. A cutscene happens where the true identity of Amalia is revealed.

Fight or Flight

Prepare for a mini-boss fight with the bangaa headhunter, Ba'Gamnan. Running away is the best option but defeating the Bangaa group is certainly possible. For more information on how to beat Ba'Gamnan, see the link below.

Currently Unavailable

Spread the rumor that Basch is Alive

basch vaan main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
In Bhujerba, you need to spread rumors that Basch is alive. Do it near the city parijanahs (city officials that are carrying books).

The Resistance Movement in Bhujerba will take hold of you quickly, and the story will advance as well.

The Leviathan Story Walkthrough


1 There are two cutscenes to look out for in the Leviathan, one of which introduces another rebel, Vossler, to the party as a guest.
2 Make your way through the ship to search for Ashe.
3 Enter the central block, where another boss battle happens. After finishing off the boss, head into the No.1 Brig area.
4 You will have to leave the area to find Penelo in a cutscene. Flee when you encounter soldiers, or disarm the alarm.
5 Vossler will leave the party at this point, where he will be replaced by Penelo. You will also receive a new item, the Manufacted Nethicite.
6 Prepare for yet another boss battle with the Judge, Ghis. Enter another cutscene after defeating the boss.

Mini Boss Fight - Judges

FF XII Judges Defeated
Judges defeated.

You will fight a horde of soldiers in the room before reaching Ashe's room. Defeating the Judges will immediately disperse its own troops.

Boss Fight - The Judge Ghis

judge ghis main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
You'll want to be prepared for the boss fight against the Judge Ghis. He is strong and it is wise to level your party decently first before tackling him. For more information about the boss fight against Judge Ghis, see the link below.

How to beat The Judge Ghis

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Nalbina ~
Return Rabanastre
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Vossler Battle

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