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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Pharos - 3rd Floor, the Sun-Cryst, and the Sky Fortress Bahamut in the game Final Fantasy XII (FF12, FFXII, FFXII Zodiac Age). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Ridorana Cataract ~
Pharos 2nd

Pharos 3rd Story Walkthrough

pharos 3rd floor main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12

1 Use the 67F Way Stone to find yourself on the Mete of Dynasty floor.
2 There are colored Way Stones here. The clue to activate them the right way is to match each Way Stone with waystones that you've used to reach this floor. Choose them in this order: black, green, red, and pink (map sacrifice floor)
3 There are also 'Fool's Facade' walls here with treasures in them. This final 'Fool's Facade' hides the Way Stone to your destination.
4 Climb to the 90F area and save; you're facing the Mete of Dynasty boss, Hashmal.
5 Defeat Hashmal to have him join your party as an Esper summon. Afterwards, proceed to 91F and save before moving to the Sun-Cryst floor.

3 | The Fool's Facade

fools facade wall main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12Enlarge

In the Pharos at Ridorana, there are walls that will appear to be there, but really aren't. You can go through these walls and gain access to whatever treasures or other monsters are waiting within these depths. You might even get lucky and these may serve as protected pathways toward your destination.

4 | The Esper Hashmal

esper hashmal main story final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Hashmal serves as one of the toughest bosses in the game, thanks to his status effects and his skills. Hashmal, like all other bosses in the game, is easily beatable with the right skillset. Go through our Hashmal guide in our FF12 Boss Battles section to find out how to make your battle against this Esper easier.

Sun-Cryst Floor Story Walkthrough

sun-cryst floor final fantasy xii ffxii ff12

6 There will be two bosses on this floor. The first fight is against the Judge and Basch's twin, Gabranth.
7 The second battle (after a cutscene) will involve Cid and Gabranth. Be on your guard and defeat them.
8 Yet another battle happens after you defeat Cid and Gabranth. This time, it's against Cid and the Esper, Famfrit.
9 Defeating Cid and Famfrit also makes the latter another Esper summon for your party to use.
10 Head over to Balfonheim Port after the battle. Make preparations, as you'll head toward the final chapter of the story once you decide to head for Bahamut.

6 | The Judge Gabranth

judge gabranth main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Gabranth is one of the main Judges of the Empire, as well as Basch's identical twin and the source of Dalmasca's sorrow. He is an easily beatable boss, if you've leveled your party appropriately. There are more details about Gabranth and how to beat him at our FF12 Boss Battles section.

7 | The 'Mad' Doctor Cid

doctor cid main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12Enlarge

Cid, the 'mad' Imperial scientist, is the penultimate boss in Final Fantasy XII. Fighting him may seem hard, but there is a sure-fire way to make him go down each and every time you face off against him. Take a look at our FF12 Boss Battles section for details on how to make the fight against Doctor Cid easier.

Sky Fortress Bahamut Story Walkthrough

sky fortress bahamut main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12

11 Once you're ready, board the Strahl and head for Bahamut. Watch the cutscene that follows. Also note that there are no savepoints aboard the ship.
12 Some Imperials will be blocking your way. Take care of them, then proceed to the catwalk.
13 You can choose between fight or flight in this next area. Proceed to the elevator in the central area to proceed.
14 You'll face off with Judge Gabranth for a second time. Once you defeat him, prepare to fight against Vayne Solidor.
15 You'll have to defeat Vayne three times. Once you defeat him the first time, there will be a second and third fight, with the third being the hardest.
16 Watch the cutscene after defeating Vayne Solidor and enjoy having beaten Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age!

15 | Vayne Solidor, Emperor

vayne solidor boss main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Vayne Solidor is the ultimate boss for the game's main story. At first glance, he may seem like an easier boss compared to all the others, but like any Final Fantasy XII boss, the Emperor has a few tricks up his sleeve. We've compiled a list of what these are, as well as the strategies to beat Vayne Solidor, in our FF12 Boss Battles section.

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