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This is the article page and guide for Ultima, the High Seraph in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age). Information on where the Esper is, how to get them, and what skills they unlock are discussed here.

How to Defeat Ultima

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Points to Consider

  • A party of Lv.50 and above is recommended
  • Ultima's normal attacks can cause Sap
  • She uses a Holyja(which casts Reverse)-Renew(heavy damage leaves 1HP) combo
  • She's susceptible to Dark-element attacks
  • Dark-element espers are also strong against her

In-Depth Battle Walkthrough

This is a battle where the esper is at least Lv.60 and above, so a party of characters at above level 50 would have a fighting chance against her. Ultima was the one who led the espers into battle, and this conflict to summon her is a clear indicator as to why she was designated the leader of these espers.

Ultima has a lot of buffs which could deal maximum damage to a careless player. Her attacks can drain HP through a Sap-like move; she can cast a field which can Slow opponents. Her signature attack, Holyja, can open a world of pain for enemies in that it inflicts Reverse on the party. Once that's done, she casts Renew using her Magic CT0 augment, and it's almost an instant death to the party.

One way to deal with this is to stock up with Holy-element items. The Sage's Ring is one such item; also, Darkra and Dark-element weapons and spells are strong against her. If you wish to enlist the help of an esper, Dark-element espers like Zeromus stands a very good chance against her. By making a Bubbled Zeromus the focus of her attacks and using the espers strongest attacks against her, you'll count Ultima among your own summons in a very short while.

Ultima - Stats and Moveset

ultima esper walkthrough final fantasy xii ff12


Ultima Lv.63
HP 258001
MP 999
Vitality 90
Magic Atk 48
Magic Def 35
Strength 54
Speed 25
Atk 98
Def 35
Esper Location Great Crystal, Waystone XVIII Save Point, Middle Path
Notable Skills Unlocked Redemption, Eschaton
Recommended Classes Foebreaker, Monk, Uhlan

*Note: Data is meant to reflect Ultima's stats at Lv.63

AI Moveset

Skill Skill Definition
Curaja White Magick that restores a large amount of HP to allies within range.
Reflectga Time Magick. Casts Reflect to all party members within range.
Holyja White Magick unique to Ultima. Deals massive Holy-element damage as well as the Reverse status.
Blindna White Magick. Cures the Blind status.
Special Skills Greater Barrier, Attack CT0, Reduce Damage, Ignore Vitality, Ignore Weather & Landscape, Ignore Reflect, Ignore Evade,
Unique Spells Redemption, Eschaton

Ultima - Summoned Skills

ultima summoned esper walkthrough final fantasy xii ff12
Ultima's mighty skills come at your disposal as you summon her:

Movesets (Summoned)

Skills Skill Definition
Renew All allies within range fully regain HP.
Holy Deal heavy Holy-element damage to one foe.
Redemption A powerful Holy-element attack.
Eschaton A Holy-element attack that damages all enemies within range.

Passive Augments

Skill Skill Definition
Ignore Reflect Reflect status is ignored when casting a spell.
Ignore Vitality Target's vitality is ignored when dealing status spells.
Ignore Weather & Landscape Environmental conditions doesn't affect caster.
Magick CT0 Sets Magicks' charge time to 0.

Ultima - Benefits of Use

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Redemption and Eschaton are Ultima's unique attacks and are efficient tools in your arsenal when she is summoned, but best of all, Ultima provides your party with the best there is, if not one of the best, when it comes to offensive Holy-element attacks. Ultima can also cast Renew, a spell which, when not used offensively (as in Reverse), fully restores HP to the whole party regardless of how much HP a character has left.

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