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Measures in Final Fantasy XII (FFXII, FF12) are peculiar weapons that help rather than defeat. Take a look at the different measures in the game, their effects, and what you can do with them!

Using Measures

Balthier and Euclid
Measures, in the game FFXII, are strange weapons. Their attack values are almost non-existent and, like guns, their damage is calculated based on the weapon's attack power alone. What they are good for isn't measured in just martial value.

As their attack power is non-existent, what Measures really do is to help your party through effects like Protect, Shell, Bravery, Vanish, Haste, and Bubble. These weapons place buffs on your party instead of the other way around, so DO NOT use them as implements in battle--unless you're a mage/machinist hybrid.

How to use Measures

Bubble Euclid
Measures are mostly used for support roles and is usually equipped on a character whose main job is to heal and fight from afar (mages or machinists or both).

Measures are used to hit a selected party member. For instance, you can cast Bubble on one party member once you hit him or her with the Measure. These measures are also used to power up elemental attacks.

Types of Measures

There are only six Measures available in the game, but they are must-haves for a complete party. Refer to the table below for their elemental and Magickal buff.

Measure Elemental Buff Magick Effect Caused
Gilt Measure FF12 MeasuresGilt Measure Ice element power-up Protect
(on hit)
Arc Scale FF12 MeasuresArc Scale Water element power-up Shell
(on hit)
Multiscale FF12 MeasuresMultiscale Fire element power-up Bravery
(on hit)
Cross Scale FF12 MeasuresCross Scale Lightning element power-up Vanish
(on hit)
Caliper FF12 MeasuresCaliper Wind element power-up Haste
(on hit)
EuclidEuclid's Sextant Holy element power-up Bubble
(on hit)

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