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This is the article page and guide for Exodus, the Judge-Sal in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age). Information on where the Esper is, how to get them, and what skills they unlock are discussed here.

How to Defeat Exodus

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Points to Consider

  • A very slow opponent with physical attacks that inflict Stop
  • Casts strong spells Flare and Scathe
  • Casting Slow makes him even more slower
  • At critical HP, his Attack and Defense increases
  • Haste + Quickening chain is a good strategy

In-Depth Battle Walkthrough

Exodus isn't a hard opponent with regards to his speed; at best, he can go from abyssmally slow to terribly sluggish, and even then, he only receives a small speed boost when his HP is critical. However, his physical attacks can cause the Stop status, and he does cast Flare and Scathe, two terribly strong non-elemental attacks that even Vayne Solidor cannot resist fully.

Sans that little battle spoiler, Exodus is a capable opponent. At low levels, Scathe and Flare are nothing to laugh at, even at the hands of a 'slow' opponent like Exodus. However, this Esper can go slower! On that cue, the party should constantly plow at him by casting Slow and buffing everyone with Hastega. Get Exodus to critical HP and his Attack and Defense will increase, making life even more difficult for a low-level party. However, at the right level, a Hastened Quickening chain should be enough to get Exodus on your side as a Summon Esper.

Exodus - Stats and Moveset

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Exodus Lv.46
HP 119060
MP 999
Vitality 85
Magic Atk 56
Magic Def 31
Strength 43
Speed 26
Atk 82
Def 31
Esper Location Empyrean Seat, Mosphoran Highwaste
Notable Skills Unlocked Comet, Meteor
Recommended Classes Foebreaker, any Mage class

*Note: Data is meant to reflect Exodus stats at Lv.46

AI Moveset

Skill Skill Definition
Reflect Time Magick. Any spell targeted at the user (or user's party) is reflected away.
Flare Deal heavy non-elemental damage to one foe.
Scathe Non-elemental Black Magick that damages all foes in range.
Special Skills Ignore Vitality, Ignore Weather & Landscape, Ignore Reflect, Unleash, Attack CT0, Anti-Magick
Unique Spells Comet, Meteor

Exodus - Summoned Skills

exodus summon esper walkthrough final fantasy xii ff12
Exodus gifts his summoner with these important skills:

Movesets (Summoned)

Skills Skill Definition
Curaja Large amount of HP restored to all allies in range.
Ardor A powerful Fire-element spell that damages all enemies within range.
Comet A randomly-damaging, non-elemental attack. The damage cycles from 0 to the Esper's max HP.
Meteor A heavy non-elemental attack exclusive to Exodus.

Passive Augments

Skill Skill Definition
Ignore Reflect Reflect status is ignored when casting a spell.
Ignore Vitality Target's vitality is ignored when dealing status spells.
Ignore Weather & Landscape Environmental conditions doesn't affect caster.

Exodus - Benefits of Use

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Exodus consumes two Mist charges when summoned. He is capable of two unique attacks: Comet, a randomly damaging attack that is non-elemental, and Meteor, a non-elemental, ultimate attack unique to the Esper. He can also cast Ardor and the useful Curaja, a powerful version of the already-potent Cura spell. Exodus also unlocks various abilities for the different classes, but is best used on the Mage classes and the Foebreaker class; Battle lore or Heavy Armor unlocks for the mage classes, and a fourth-tier Magick Lore unlock for the Foebreaker.

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