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This is a page about the strengths and recommended jobs for Balthier from Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). Read on for information about Balthier's Quickening, stats, and more.

Balthier: Strengths

One of the Combo Masters

The battle system in FF12 relies a whole lot on combos, which could string attacks to deal a whole world of pain against your party's enemies. The game also shows that the males in your party are more susceptible to dealing heavy damage than the girls; that means Balthier is one of the characters you should consider when thinking of whom to give jobs that deal heavy damage.

A Combination of Speed and Strength

In the game, Balthier is a thief of sorts, a gentleman scoundrel when compared to Vaan's brash street urchin. He has a good combination of speed and physical strength in his stats, a nod towards the kind of jobs and the kind of role he plays within the party.

Balthier: Stats


Lv.10 Lv.50 Lv.99
HP 278 ~ 311 2186 ~ 2566 4661 ~ 5495
MP 65 ~ 90 288 ~ 485 453 ~ 752
Pwr 29 50 75
M.Pwr 22 41 63
Vit 27 41 58
Spd 25 31 38


Quickening Attack Power
Fires of War 90
Tides of Fade 140
Element of treachery 230

Balthier: Recommended Jobs

Job Reason for Recommending
Shikari Didn't we just mention that Balthier is a gentleman thief? The Shikari class makes sense, because this is one of the classes in the game with access to some pretty good weapons early on. Coupled with Balthier's good physical strength stat, you have a character who could be of great help against some early bosses.
Knight The second natural class for Balthier. Physical strength notwithstanding, Balthier can chain together some pretty high-damaging combos, and the Knight is best suited for dealing as much damage as possible while taking some back.
Foebreaker (Second License) The Foebreaker deals some of the heaviest damage in the game, dishing out as much as they could take. Balthier as a Foebreaker gives you a combo-dealing monster, especially when its combined with the Shikari or Knight job classes.
Machinist (Second License) Just because Balthier's in-game art depicts him as a machinist, that doesn't mean you should make him one; however, it makes sense as a second job for him. Like the heavy armor-wearing Fran as an archer, having a properly-armored Balthier as a long-range tank of sorts makes sense.

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