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This page contains information for the Trial mode stages number here in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What to expect from these stages, as well as the rewards and strategies to beat enemies, can be found here.

Final Fantasy XII - Stages 21-30

Stage Enemies Loots (w/o Thief's Cuff) Loots (w/ Thief's Cuff) Chests (w/o Diamond Armlet) Chests (w/ Diamond Armlet)
21 King Bomb, Bomb x3 - Flametongue, Onion Bombs, Oil Bombs, Soleil Fang, Handkerchief - Vox, Horned Hat
22 Topstalk, Deadly Nightshade x8 - Remedy, Phoenix Down - Horology, Ringmail
23 Pumpkin Star, Pumpkin Head x8 - Remedy, Phoenix Down - Calot Hat, Blizzard
24 Mandragora Prince, Mandragora x8 - Remedy, Phoenix Down, Prince's Kiss - Shepherd's Bolero, Aqua Shot
25 Onion Queen, Wild Onion x8 - Remedy, Phoenix Down - Iron Helm, Poisona
26 Alraune King, Alraune x8 Gold Needle, Phoenix Down Remedy, Phoenix Down - -
27 Topstalk, Pumpkin Star, Mandragora Prince, Onion Queen, Alraune King - Blackbelt, Nishijin Belt, Sash, Bowline Sash, Pheasant Netsuke - Gauntlets, Shell
28 Wendice, Striker x3, Cubus - Lightning Arrows, Black Bolts, Stun Bombs - Stun Bombs, Black Belt
29 Ahriman, Ahriman clones Hypnocrown, Thief's Cap, Black Robes - - Nishijin Belt, Bamboo Arrows
30 Gil Snapper, Storm Elemental x3, Bansat Dark Matter Turtleshell Choker, Thief's Cuffs, Ether, Prince's Kiss, Eyedrops - Blazer Gloves, Lead Bolts, Bangle

What to Expect

Mandragoras stage 26 Trial Mode
To some, the earlier battles could be called 'cute' if you consider Mandragoras who run and flail around after hitting you hard cute. You'll get more of the same from stage 22, after getting past the King Bomb. Have your Holy-element weapons handy in stage 29, where you'll fight against the Ahriman.


Ahrima stage 29 Trial Mode

  • Cast Haste on your spellcasters against the King Bomb, then have them spam him with Aqua. On the other hand, you can equip your tanks with Aqua to maximize your attacks against the Bombs, including the King Bomb. He won't even be able to cast Renew if you move quick.
  • If you have Ribbons or any status-blocking items, these will be effective against the Mandragoras. Maximize the time you have by speeding things up and going after each Mandragora one-by-one.
  • Using the Oil+Firaga strategy on the Gil Snapper makes things easier for the final battle of Stages 21-30; otherwise, everything should be fine if you have strong characters equipped with powerful weapons and items like Ribbons and Maximillians.

End of Stage Rewards

You'll receive 3000 gil, 10 Ethers, and 15 Echo Herbs for winning.

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