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This page contains information for the Trial mode stages 31-40 in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What to expect from these stages, as well as the rewards and strategies to beat enemies, can be found here.

Final Fantasy XII - Stages 31-40

Stage Enemies Loots (w/o Thief's Cuff) Loots (w/ Thief's Cuff) Chests (w/o Diamond Armlet) Chests (w/ Diamond Armlet)
31 Bansat, Seeq fisher x4, Apsara Elixir, Dark Matter 1000 gil, Power Rod, Multiscale, Crown of Laurels, Diamond Shield, Platinum Armor - Steel Gorget, Balaclava, Traveler, Tourmaline Ring, Argyle Armlet, Power Rod, Multiscale
32 Zalera, Dead Bones - Time Bolts, Doom Mace, Hunting Crossbow, Nu Khai Sand - Disable, Leather Gorget, Windbreaker
33 Scythe Mantis x4 - - - Wizard's Hat, Wyrmfire Shot
34 Marilith, Bogey x3 Dark Matter, Dark Mote, Gravity Mote, Echo Herbs Platinum Shield, Platinum Helm, Platinum Armor - Aqua, Wizard's Robes
35 Adrammelech, Skulwyrm x2 Platinum Sword, Dark Matter Ras Algethi, Traitor's Bow, Rubber Suit, Prince's Kiss, Balance Mote Potion -
36 Dreadguard, Mirrorknight x4 - - - Black Belt, Raise, Linen Cuirass
37 Behemoth x5 Amber Armlet, Round Shield Hammerhead - -
38 Mythril Golem x3 - Gold Hairpin - Mitter, Steel Poleyns
39 Shemhazai, Ose x2 Dark Matter Treaty-Blade, Dawn Shard Dark Matter Main Gauche, Magick Gloves
40 Gavial, Baritine Croc x2 - Thief's Cuffs - Slasher, Agate Ring

What to Expect

Seeq stage 31 Trial Mode
Enemies that Reflect damage and Espers that inflict various negative status effects, including Prime Lv. Death. The only difference this time is you have very little breathing space, as you face these enemies one after the other without any time to fix Gambits or cast protective Magicks.


Shemhazai stage 39 Trial Mode

  • This stage comes with three Espers in the form of Zalera, Adrammelech, and Shemhazai. Of these three, Zalera is the deadliest with his Prime Lv. Death. If you plan to blow by this Esper, use Holy-infused weapons and spells. Otherwise, not much has changed about the Espers and their movesets from when you fought them in the main game.
  • If you have a Mage in your party, keep in mind that there are enemies here which have active Reflects cast on them. Switch out with physical attackers to render Reflect harmless; alternatively, you can bounce off healing spells on these to maximize healing your entire party.

End of Stage Rewards

You'll get 4000 gil, 10 Phoenix Downs, and 3 Reverse Motes as part of your end-stage reward.

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