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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Ogir-Yensa Sandsea to the Light Cruiser Shiva in the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII, FFXII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Ogir-Yensa Story Walkthrough


1 Head back to Ondore to move on to the next quest. You will begin somewhere in the Dalmasca Westersand.
2 Look for map urns here that reveal the whole Ogir-Yensa/Nam-Yensa Sandseas. Head west for a cutscene with Vossler joining the party.
3 Keep to a west-moving path to reach the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.

Nam-Yensa Story Walkthrough


1 When you emerge from the Ogir-Yensa, continue onwards to the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.
2 Continue moving on a westward course towards the Tomb of Raithwall.
3 You will be met with an optional quest featuring the Sandsea Moogle and a Rogue Urutan, who is asking for help fighting the 'Urutan Eater,' a titantoise.
4 Whether or not you help the Urutan, move along and enter the courtyard of the tomb, where you will fight another boss.

Tomb of Raithwall Story Walkthrough


1 The Tomb can be found at the western end of the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.
2 Save your game when you are prompted to do so. You will be battling a boss, the Garuda.
3 After you defeat the Garuda, an ancient device--the first Way Point of the temple--activates inside the tomb.
4 Touch the device to get into the tomb. Prepare for another boss battle, this time against two Demon Walls.
5 You can defeat the first one if you are strong enough; otherwise, escape through the door. You will have to defeat the second one.
6 After the cutscene when you defeat the other Demon Wall, you will be able to search for the Way Points and activate them.
7 Activate the Way Points to make your way to the next boss. There is an activatable waypoint inside the maze in the northern and southern areas.
8 Once both waypoints are activated, a hidden path will appear near the two waypoints in the maze. Follow the path to encounter the next boss Belias.
9 Activate the new Way Point, then climb all the way upstairs. You will receive the Dawn Shard and move into the Light Cruiser Shiva.

The Garuda, an Ancient Enemy

garuda mini-boss main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
The Garuda is the de facto guardian of the Tomb, as well as the first boss for this area. For more information on how to easily beat Garuda, see the link below.

How to beat Garuda

Tomb Guardians, The Demon Walls

tomb sentinels main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
There are two Demon Walls guarding the tomb; depending on your level, you can easily defeat them, or you could run away from one and defeat the other. For more information on how to beat the Demon Walls, see the link below.

How to beat Demon Wall

Your First Esper, the Gigas, Belias

belias esper main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ff12
Deep in the tomb, Vaan's party will face off with their first boss Esper, the Gigas, Belias. He is no walk in the park, but you can easily beat him if you've leveled up enough. For information on how to beat Belias, see the link below.

How to Defeat Belias, the Gigas

Light Cruiser Shiva Story Walkthrough


1 The Light Cruiser makes its appearance after you move out of the Tomb.
2 When you find yourself inside the Cruiser, you will face Vossler in a boss battle.

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