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Basch Fon Ronsenburg

This is a page about the strengths and recommended jobs for Basch Fon Ronsenburg from Final Fantasy XII (FF12,FFXII, FFXII Zodiac Age). Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). Read on for information about Basch Fon Ronsenburg's Quickening, stats, and more.

Basch Fon Ronsenburg: Strengths

One of the Best Combo Users

In the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age, Basch is one of the characters with a great combination of strength and speed. As such, Basch--along with the other male characters--has a great chance at stringing together strong combo attacks that spell doom for their enemies.

A Knight Using Ninja Swords

Basch is the quintessential tank. While a combination of Bushi and Knight gives him the required defensive stat to take on enemy damage as much as he can receive, the Bushi class gives him leeway to string together combos as well as heal himself and others, should the need arise.

Basch Fon Ronsenburg: Stats


Lv.10 Lv.50 Lv.99
HP 304 ~ 338 2279 ~ 2672 4841 ~ 5703
MP 56 ~ 79 259 ~ 439 410 ~ 684
Pwr 30 51 78
M.Pwr 24 41 63
Vit 22 34 47
Spd 24 29 35


Quickening Attack Power
Fulmintating Darkness 90
Ruin Impendant 140
Flame Purge 230

Basch Fon Ronsenburg: Recommended Jobs

Job Reason for Recommending
Knight Basch is portrayed as a Knight in the beginning of the game, and it is one of the spot-on portrayals in FF12. Basch is a soldier and a captain; his inclusion in the Knight Order of Dalmasca is not by accident too. His stats speak for itself, and making Basch into a knight is one of the more natural choices in the game due to his potential to lash out with heavy combos and damage early on in the game.
Uhlan Another perfect class for the soldier Basch. His natural affinity to strength makes him a perfect Uhlan candidate with the potential to deal heavy damage to some particulary nasty enemies and bosses. There are also quite a few spears in the game which would be deadly in the hands of a naturally strong character like Basch.
Bushi (Second License) Basch's transition into the Bushi class makes him even deadlier. The Bushi (Samurai) class in the game gives access to Katanas, which are some of the better weapons in the game when it comes to combos. It adds another deadly dimension to the already potent combos of the character.
Foebreaker (Second License) The in-game description of the Foebreaker class makes it feel like it was created as a natural second job for Basch, but it would make sense to use it for his first job as well. As a second job, it allows Basch to further open up his enemies for more punishment and put them away more quickly and efficiently.

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