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Quickenings mean the difference between continuing your quest or certain defeat in certain parts of Final Fantasy XII (FF12, FFXII). Read on to learn about quickenings, how to use them at the right time, and more!

The Quickening System

Vaan Pyroclasm FF12 Quickening
In Final Fantasy XII, players use an additional battle system complement called Quickening. Each Quickening is unique to its user; each character also has three bars, or Mist Charges, which determine how many times they can use their Quickening. Think of it as Final Fantasy XII's ‘Limit Break’, in similar fashion to Final Fantasy VII's trump card ability.

These attacks don't cost any MP to use, rather drawing from the Mist Charge bars found below a character's name. These determine how frequent your party is able to do Quickenings. Each level of the skill is also unlocked through your character's License Board.

How to Do Quickenings

How it works

Vaan Red Spiral FF12 Quickening
Quickenings operate on a series of combinations fueled by Mist Charges. If your character runs out of Mist Charges, you can press (R2) or (ZR) to recharge your bars. Once you have them full, you should consider how to use them and when to use them. Based on combinations, they can be pretty powerful aids to finishing an otherwise challenging battle.

For instance, if you manage to cast three Lv. 1 Quickenings before the timer runs out, you'll be able to do the ‘Inferno’ Concurrence. You'll also be able to do the ‘Cataclysm’ Concurrence once you have made the right Quickening combinations to activate it.


Torrent Concurrence FF12 Quickening
Think of Concurrences as the utlimate form of attack for the party's Quickening salvo. Concurrences happen whenever Vaan and company manage to complete combinations required for these to happen.

For reference, here is a table of Concurrences, and what Quickening combinations are needed to activate them:

Concurrence Power No. of Quickenings Required
Black Hole 253 4x Lv.1, 4x Lv.2, 4x Lv.3
Luminescence 215 3x Lv.1, 3x Lv.2, 3x Lv.3
Whiteout 205 4x Lv.3
Ark Blast 175 2x Lv.1, 2x Lv.2, 2x Lv.3
Windburst 155 4x Lv.2
Torrent 130 2x Lv.1, 2x Lv.2
Cataclysm 110 6x Lv.1
Inferno 90 3x Lv.1

Characters and their Quickenings

Each character unlocks a total of three Quickenings in the game, each a unique set. Here are those characters, along with their Quickenings:

Character Quickening Lv. 1 Quickening Lv. 2 Quickening Lv. 3
Vaan Red Spiral White Whorl Pyroclasm
Penelo Intercession Evanescence Resplendence
Balthier Fires of War Tides of Fate Element of Treachery
Fran Feral Strike Whip Kick Shatterheart
Ashe Northswain's Glow Heaven's Wrath Maelstrom's Bolt
Basch Fulminating Darkness Ruin Impudent Flame Purge

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