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This page contains information for the Trial mode stages 1-10 in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What to expect from these stages, as well as the rewards and strategies to beat enemies, can be found here.

Final Fantasy XII - Stages 1-10

Stage Enemies Loots (w/o Thief's Cuff) Loots (w/ Thief's Cuff) Chests (w/o Diamond Armlet) Chests (w/ Diamond Armlet)
1 Dire Rat x6 - - Diamond Armlet Potion, Headguard
2 Thextera, Alpha Hyena, Alpha Wolf - Potion, Phoenix Down - Fire, Headguard
3 Flowering Cactoid, Ripe Rampager (Optional), Cactoid x2, Cactite x4 Potion, Round Shield, Elixir, Dark Matter Bronze Shield, Round Shield, Gauntlets - Pointy Hat, Onion Arrows
4 Razorfin, Ichthon x4 - - - -
5 Werewolf, Nekbet, Cockatrice x4 - Windbreaker, Chainmail, Berserker Bracers, Echo Herbs, Phoenix Down, Gold Needle - Blindna, Silken shirt
6 Cluckatrice, Chickatrice x4 - - - Bronze Helm, Onion Bolts
7 Judge x2, Imperial Magus, Imperial Swordsman x2 - Hi-Potion, Eye Drops - Libra, Bronze Armor
8 Bagoly x6, Imdugud Elixir, Dark Matter Killer Bow, Sirius, Paramina Crossbow, Handkerchief, Agate Ring, Magick Gloves, Echo Herbs - Onion Shot, Bangle
9 Lich x3, Cultsworn Lich - Handkerchief, Agate Ring, Magick Gloves, Golden Shield, Flame Shield, Lamia's Tiara, Dark Matter - Argyle Armlet, Onion Bombs
10 Belias - Sword of Kings, Goddess' Magicite - Steel Gorget, Parallel Arrows

What to Expect

Trial Mode Werewolf defeated
The best place to test your mettle would be in Trial Mode, where the bosses are tougher, and each end-of-stage enemy is a kind of 'boss' for the Trial Mode section.

The first stages are made up of pretty basic enemies that includes the Dire Rats from the beginning of the game. It really is just an introduction to the challenges of Trial Mode, but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down on these enemies all the same.


Dire Rats stage 1 Trial Mode

  • There are no strategies needed here to speak of, other than exploiting the elemental weakness of the Liches and Belias to your advantage. You can usually breeze through these stages, especially at 4x speed.

End of Stage Reward

You'll get 1000 gil, 10 Hi-Potions, and 15 Handkerchiefs for defeating Stages 1-10.

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