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This page contains list of Time Magicks in Final Fantasy XII (FF12, FFXII, FFXII Zodiac Age). Read on if you would like to find out more about this game's most useful time magicks for your heroes.

List of Time Magicks

Name Effect Mp Cost
Haste Speed up one ally's actions. 18
Hastega Speed up the actions of all allies in range. 70
Slow Slow one foe's actions. 8
Slowga Slow the actions of all foes in range. 24
Stop Halt one foe acitons. 20
Immobilize Immobilize all foes in range. 14
Disable Prevent all foes in range from taking acitons. 14
Bleed Heavily damage one foe over time. 12
Break Turn one foe to stone after a short time. 14
Countdown Reduce one foe's HP to 0 after a short time. 8
Berserk Cause one ally to mindlessly attack with weapon in hand. 10
Float Allow all allies in range to walk on air. 16
Vanish Render one ally invisible. 12
Vanishga Render all allies in range invisible. 24
Reflect Cause magicks to be reflected from all allies in range. 12
Reflectga Bestows Reflect on all targets in range. 24
Balance Deal damage equal to difference between caster's current and max HP to all foes in range. 18
Warp Banish all foes in range. 18
Gravity Reduce HP of all foes in range by 1/4 of target's max HP 12
Graviga Reduce HP of all foes in range by 1/2 of target's max HP 28

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