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This page contains information for the Trial mode stages 41-50 in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What to expect from these stages, as well as the rewards and strategies to beat enemies, can be found here.

Final Fantasy XII - Stages 41-50

Stage Enemies Loots (w/o Thief's Cuff) Loots (w/ Thief's Cuff) Chests (w/o Diamond Armlet) Chests (w/ Diamond Armlet)
41 Orthros, White Mousse x3 - Wyrmfire Shot, Defender - Aero, Soldier's Cap
42 Cúchulainn, Foobar x4 Dark Matter Cameo Belt, Indigo Pendant, Hermes Sandals Souleater, Heavy Coat
43 Deathclaw x4, Pallicant Penetrator Crossbow, Kaiser Shield, Elixir, Dark Matter Minerva Bustier, Magepower Shishak, Dragon Mail - -
44 Antlion, Killer Mantis x4 - Dragon Shield - Chanter's Djellaba, Magoroku
45 Vishno, Brainpan x2, Deidar x2, Crusader Dark Matter Judicer's Staff, Maximillian, Runeblade, Sweep - Cura, Winged Helm
46 Purobolos x6 - - - Recurve Crossbow, Chainmail
47 Aeronite x2 - - - Betelgeuse, Golden Shield
48 Tower, Zombie Warlock x2 Dark Matter Assassin's Arrows - Bowline Sash, Elfin Bow
49 Hashmal, Reaver x2 Dark Matter Elixir, Ribbon - Storm Spear, Storm Staff
50 Famfrit, Abaddon x3 Dark Matter Wyrmhero Blade, Elixir - Demonsbane, Gaia Rod

What to Expect

Purobolos stage 46 Trial Mode
If you've had a difficult time with Cuchulainn the first time around, then get ready for another dose of this Esper. Take note that his stage has an active HP-Down effect which is stronger than your usual Sap, just like last time.

The Vishno and Purobolos stages might turn out easier to navigate, but take note that rounding out this stages are fights with Hashmal and Famfrit. Both are tough bosses, and if you don't have the right item to use against Hashmal, then you'll struggle.


Antlions stage 44 Trial Mode

  • The battle against Orthros and the White Mousse that comes along with him is tricky because they can cast Poison and Slow, among other negative status effects. Use status-effect accessories or Esuna for the conditions, and Fire-based weapons or spells to finish off the Flan-type monsters.
  • Against Cuchulainn and his HP-Down field, focus on finishing the Esper off as soon as you can. The Foobars are a nuisance, but timely casting of Regen + Curaja combined with heavy-hitting warriors works well.
  • Be careful of the Deathclaws' attacks! A swipe is enough to leave you disabled. Finish them off as soon as you can, if you don't plan on stealing items or searching for powerful weapons in chests.
  • Rounding out this stage are the Antlions, as well as the Esper Hashmal. Take care to defeat Hashmal using the familiar tactic of Bubble spells to mitigate the effects of Disease.

End of Stage Rewards

You'll get 5000 gil, 10 X-Potions, and 15 Chronos Tears.

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