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The weather in Giza Plains is rather tricky business. From the Dry season, it quickly becomes the Wet season, but there is a trick to all of this. Read on to find out how to tell when it is wet or dry in this region of Final Fantasy XII (FFXII, FF12).

The Weather in Giza Plains

Giza Rains FF12 Giza Plains Weather
The Giza Plains is home to quite a lot of quests, most of which depends on whether the Giza villagers are around or not. They're there during the Dry for sure, but once the Wet season rolls around, they'll disappear. To make sure that it's always the intended season in the Giza Plains, you have to talk to the ‘Weather Eye’.

How to change the weather in Giza Plains

Weather Eye FF12 change the weather
The Weather Eye will become your barometer towards changing the weather in the Giza Plains. Here's how you can do that.

Rains Dry
1-11 (mins) 12-50 (mins) 51-60 (mins) 1-11 (mins) 12-100 (mins) 101-120 (mins)
It's only just become the Rains... It's the middle of the Rains... The Rains have almost run their course... It's only just become the Dry... It's the middle of the Dry... The Dry has almost run its course...

Depending on how the Weather Eye talks with you, the Rains or the Dry in Giza Plains will be far off or really near.

Who is the Weather Eye?

Adventurer FF12 change the weather
The Weather Eye is a Seeq adventurer by the Southgate of Rabanastre. He'll be known as an ‘Adventurer’ first, but after the events at the Tomb of Raithwall, he'll be known as the Weather Eye.

Weather Eye 2 FF12 change the weather
You have to talk to him. Once the conditions are met, his dialogue script will change. He'll start to use the name Weather Eye from then on, and you can also predict the change in weather in the Giza Plains once you've spoken to him.

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