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This is the article page and guide for Adrammelech, the Wroth in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age). Information on where the Esper is, how to get them, and what skills they unlock are discussed here.

How to Defeat Adrammelech

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Points to Consider

  • Zertinan Caverns is filled with undead.
  • Get rid of his underlings first.
  • Move to an unpopulated area.
  • Use Ice attacks for a quicker battle.
  • Keep an eye out for the Thundaja attack.
  • Use Quickenings on him only at 40%.

In-Depth Battle Walkthrough

This boss, fought in the Zertinan Caverns, isn't without his allies; while he is a pretty formidable opponent, he also plays dirty by summoning underlings. The cave is filled with Shambling Corpses and they can be a pain to deal with along with the Esper. Make a conscious effort to avoid these corpses while moving toward a fairly unpopulated area. Once you're in the clear, you should start pounding on Adrammelech.

Adrammelech is no pushover, although he does like to use Lightning spells; a Diamond Armlet or a similar Lightning element-negating gear can make this battle easier. Along with this. the Esper is also weak against Ice. Blizzara and similar attacks should make this battle quicker, if not easier. Make sure to watch out for his Thundaja attack, which damages everyone in the party. Also make sure to reserve your Quickening chain for the very end, and you'll have this Esper in your party in no time at all.

Adrammelech - Stats and Moveset

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Adrammelech Lv.39
HP 39630
MP 999
Vitality 79
Magic Atk 30
Magic Def 21
Strength 38
Speed 22
Atk 60
Def 25
Esper Location Athroza Quicksands, Zertinan Caverns
Notable Skills Unlocked Flash Arc, Judgment Bolt
Recommended Classes Uhlan, Foebreaker, Time Battlemage

*Note: Data is meant to reflect Adrammelech's stats at Lv.39

AI Moveset

Skill Skill Definition
Thunder Black Magick. Deal lightning damage to one foe.
Thundara Black Magick, second tier. Deal lightning damage to all foes in range.
Bleed Red Magick, Inflict Sap. Deal heavy damage to one foe over time.
Special Skills Perfect Defense, Normal Damage, Reduce Damage, Magic CT0
Unique Spells Flash Arc, Judgment Bolt

Adrammelech cycles through any of the spells above at the start of the fight. If you bring him down to 80% to 50% HP, however, he'll start randomly using his unique spells.

Adrammelech - Summoned Skills

adrammelech unleashed final fantasy 12 ffxii
Once defeated, Adrammelech will be added to your summon party. You'll also get access to any of these skills:

Movesets (Summoned)

Skills Skill Definition
Cura Restore some amount of HP to all allies in range.
Thundara Black Magick, second tier. Deal lightning damage to all foes in range.
Flash Arc Lightning Magick attack exclusive to the Esper Adrammelech.
Judgment Bolt Powerful Lightning Magick exclusive to the Esper Adrammelech. Also acts like an ultimate-class move.

Passive Augments

Skill Skill Definition
Ignore Reflect Reflect status is ignored when casting a spell.
Ignore Vitality Target's vitality is ignored when dealing status spells.

Adrammelech - Benefits of Use

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Adrammelech, the Wroth, betrayed the gods by making himself Emperor of the Otherworld that he was put in charge of. Instead of ferrying souls, he took control of them to join Ultima's rebellion. This makes him a powerful opponent that uses Lightning-attacks. He is a perfect foil against enemies who are aligned with the Water element and even Ice-aligned enemies who are susceptible to Lightning-based attacks.

Aside from that, his Bleed attack is a handy tool to finish battles quickly, as it inflicts the Sap status on an opponent; pretty painful if it's used against you, but if you use it against your enemies, it's a pretty powerful spell. His Technick, Perfect Defense, is another powerful tool in your arsenal, as it negates any attack for a short period of time, enabling you to attack without fear of reprisal. His cost to activate on your License Board is around 25 LP, and he is an easy summon, requiring only one Mist point to activate.

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