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This is a list of obtainable licenses for the Archer job in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII). Read on to see recommended party members for this job, as well as license effects, and more!

Archer Recommended Party Members

Party Member Reason for Recommending
FranFran Fran's default role--if the promotional images are to be believed--is as an archer. Fran is one character that doesn't stand out tremendously in all stats, yet she can fit into any job available, much like Vaan. A party isn't complete without a long-range expert that rains terror from afar, and Fran best suits that role, if no one else.
BalthierBalthier Based on the promotional images, Balthier should be a Machinist. However, that doesn't mean that he cannot be an Archer. Based on his stats, Balthier could slip effortlessly into another long-range role, and the Archer has some pretty nice weapons with good damage. Couple that with Balthier's affinity for inflicting combos and you've got a heavy-damaging long-ranged threat.

Archer Obtainable Licences


License LP Effect or Items
HP +30 20 Increases max HP by 30.
HP +70 30 Increases max HP by 70.
HP +110 40 Increases max HP by 110.
HP +150 50 Increases max HP by 150.
HP +190 60 Increases max HP by 190.
HP +230 70 Increases max HP by 230.
HP +270 80 Increases max HP by 270.
HP +390 115 Increases max HP by 390.
HP +435 130 Increases max HP by 435.
Battle Lore 3 30 Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore 4 30 Increases physical attack damage.
Battle Lore 5 50 Increases physical attack damage.
Magick Lore 1 30 Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 2 30 Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 3 30 Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 4 30 Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 5 50 Increases magick potency.
Magick Lore 6 50 Increases magick potency.
Focus 70 Increases strength when HP is full.
Last Stand 70 Increases defense when HP Critical.
Inquisitor 30 Gain MP after dealing damage.
Headsman 30 Gain MP after defeating a foe.
Martyr 30 Gain MP after taking damage.
Swiftness 1 30 Reduces action time by 10%.
Swiftness 2 50 Reduces action time by 10%.
Swiftness 3 80 Reduces action time by 10%.
Potion Lore 1 20 Potions restore more HP.
Potion Lore 2 35 Potions restore more HP.
Potion Lore 3 70 Potions restore more HP.
Remedy Lore 1 20 Remedies remove Sleep, Sap, Immobilize, and Disable.
Remedy Lore 2 30 Remedies remove Petrify, Confuse, and Oil.
Remedy Lore 3 70 Remedies remove Stop, Doom, and Disease.
Phoenix Lore 1 30 Phoenix Down restores more HP.
Phoenix Lore 2 50 Phoenix Down restores more HP.
Phoenix Lore 3 90 Phoenix Down restores more HP.


License LP Weapons
Bow 1 20 Silver Bow
Short Bow
Bow 2 30 Aevis Killer
Bow 3 35 Long Bow
Killer Bow
Bow 4 45 Loxley Bow
Elfin Bow
Bow 5 60 Burning Bow
Giant Stonebow
Bow 6 70 Yoichi Bow
Traitor's Bow
Bow 7 90 Artemis Bow
Perseus Bos
Sagittarius 130 Sagittarius
Dhanusha 200 Dhanusha

Armors & Accessories

License LP Armors & Accessories
Accessories 1 5 Tourmaline Ring
Accessories 2 20 Indigo Pendant
Battle Harness
Accessories 3 25 Golden Amulet
Leather Gorget
Accessories 4 35 Sash
Berserker Bracers
Accessories 5 35 Pheasant Netsuke
Accessories 6 35 Ruby Ring
Gillie Boots
Accessories 7 40 Magick Gloves
Nishijin Belt
Accessories 8 45 Jade Collar
Accessories 9 30 Power Armlet
Turtleshell Choker
Accessories 10 40 Fuzzy Miter
Steel Poleyns
Accessories 11 60 Sage's Ring
Amber Armlet
Accessories 12 60 Nihopalaoa
Hermes Sandals
Accessories 13 60 Thief's Cuffs
Rose Corsage
Accessories 14 70 Steel Gorget
Argyle Armlet
Accessories 15 70 Bowline Sash
Accessories 16 70 Germinas Boots
Bubble Belt
Accessories 17 80 Ribbon
Cat-ear Hood
Accessories 18 80 Cameo Belt
Embroidered Tippet
Accessories 19 100 Quasimodo Boots
Agate Ring
Accessories 20 115 Opal Ring
Orrachea Armlet
Accessories 21 130 Ring of Renewal
Blazer Gloves
Accessories 22 160 Winged Boots
Diamond Armlet
Ribbon 215 Genji Gloves
Light Armor 1 10 Leather Clothing
Leather Cap
Light Armor 2 15 Leather Breastplate
Chromed Leathers
Light Armor 3 20 Ringmail
Bronze Chestplate
Horned Hat
Leather Headgear
Light Armor 4 25 Heavy Coat
Soldier's Cap
Light Armor 5 30 Brigandine
Survival Vest
Red Cap
Green Beret
Light Armor 6 40 Viking Coat
Jujitsu Gi
Pirate Hat
Light Armor 7 50 Adamant Vest
Metal Jerkin
Adamant Hat
Goggle Mask
Light Armor 8 60 Power Vest
Barrel Coat
Chakra Band
Officer's Hat
Light Armor 9 70 Gigas Chestplate
Ninja Gear
Gigas Hat
Thief's Cap
Light Armor 10 75 Minerva Bustier
Light Armor 11 80 Rubber Suit
Crown of Laurels
Light Armor 12 90 Mirage Vest
Renewing Morion
Light Armor 13 110 Brave Suit
Dueling Mask
Heavy Armor 7 60 Mirror Mail
Steel Mask
Heavy Armor 8 65 Platinum Armor
Platinum Helm
Heavy Armor 9 70 Carabineer Mail
Giant's Helmet
Heavy Armor 10 80 Dragon Mail
Dragon Helm
Heavy Armor 11 90 Maximillian
Magepower Shishak
Heavy Armor 12 110 Grand Armor
Grand Helm

Magicks & Technicks

Licence LP Magicks & Technicks
White Magick 4 30 Raise
Steal 20 Steal
Libra 25 Libra
First Aid 20 First Aid
Poach 30 Poach
Infuse 30 Infuse
1000 Needles 40 1000 Needles
Traveler 50 Traveler
Shear 50 Shear
Charm 30 Charm
Addle 50 Addle
Shades of Black 70 Shades of Black
Reveive 40 Revive
Gil Toss 30 Gil Toss
Achilles 40 Achilles

Learnable by All Characters

License LP Effect or Items
Essentials 1 Attack, Mist
Second Board 30 Allows the use of a second license board.
Belias 20 Belias
Mateus 30 Mateus
Zalera 30 Zalera
Adrammelech 35 Adrammelech
Shemhazai 50 Shemhazai
Hashmal 50 Hashmal
Cùchulainn 50 Cùchulainn
Zeromus 65 Zeromus
Exodus 65 Exodus
Famfrit 100 Famfrit
Chaos 100 Chaos
Ultima 115 Ultima
Zodiark 200 Zodiark
Quickening 1 50 Quickening
Quickening 2 75 Quickening
Quickening 3 100 Quickening
Quickening 4 125 Quickening

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