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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Nalbina up to Rabanastre in the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Lowtown ~
Garamsythe Waterways
Bhujerba ~
Dreadnought Leviathan

Nalbina Dungeons Story Walkthrough


1 From the sewers of Garamsythe, you'll find yourself in the dungeons of Nalbina. Pass through the doorway near the savepoint crystal.
2 There will be a trio of Seeqs here who will attack your party. Defeat them to proceed.
3 Once you can move again, you'll regain your items and weapons from the Confiscatory. Proceed then follow the Judges.
4 Make your way through the paths walked by the Judges to escape the dungeons. As you follow the lead Judge, you'll also find the right door to enter through.
5 Watch the cutscene, and welcome Basch into your party as a guest.

Barheim Passage Walkthrough


1 Examine the contraption in the upper area in the center of the room.
2 Talk to the Bangaa, Burrogh, to receive a contraption to replace the broken one in the power relay.
Tip it is highly advised to purchase the gambit “ Foe: Lowest Max HP for the upcoming boss battle.”
3 The power relay will respond once you install the tube fuse. Examine the switch near the Bangga to open the gate. Proceed through the gate and into the new area.
4 Make your way through the Passage and take out the battery mimics. Maintain the power level to avoid fighting the undead.
5 Maintain a good charge level and you'll be able to open the southern gate. Make your way through the North-South Junction for more battery mimics.
6 Continue your path and you'll reach Terminus 4, as well as the boss of the area, the Queen Mimic
7 Defeat the Queen Mimic and come out of the dungeon into the Estersand exit.

Boss Fight - The Queen Mimic

queen mimic main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Near the end of Barheim Passage, you will come across your second boss battle so far, the Queen Mimic. See the link below to find out more about this boss' movesets as well as the best ways to defeat it.
How to beat Mimic Queen

The Royal City, Rabanastre (Return) Story Walkthrough


1 When you find yourself in Rabanastre once again, go to Migelo's Sundries for a cutscene.
2 Return to Dalan and watch the short cutscene. Receive the Sword of the Order from Dalan as well and bring it to Azelas who can be found in Lowtown/ North Sprawl.
3 Once you bring it to Azelas, a cutscene will begin. Basch will also rejoin the party permanently.
4 Search for Balthier in the Sunsea Tavern.
5 Balthier and Fran joins your party. Head all the way to the Westersand exit and into the Aerodrome. You're leaving for a new location, Bhujerba.

Azelas, Gatekeeper for the Order

balzac azelas main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
The Sword of the Order needs to be brought to Azelas in Lowtown to advance the story. In this case, bring the sword to Balzac. Balzac is a member of the Dalmascan Order of Knights and is hiding away in the Lowtown, along with a seeq counterpart.

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Lowtown ~
Garamsythe Waterways
Bhujerba ~
Dreadnought Leviathan

FF12 The Zodiac Age Story Walkthrough

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