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This is the article page and guide for Zalera, the Death Seraph in the game Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12, FF XII Zodiac Age). Information on where the Esper is, how to get them, and what skills they unlock are discussed here.

How to Defeat Zalera

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Points to Consider

  • Zalera must be defeated within five minutes
  • His attacks effects depend on party-members' levels
  • He is weak to White Magick spells
  • Shell and Shell shields are a big help

In-Depth Battle Walkthrough

Fighting Zalera triggers a unique condition where the player's party must defeat him within five minutes. If, under those minutes, the player's party fails to defeat the Esper, Zalera will teleport them out of his lair. The fight will then again commence, but the party will also either be resurrected, or will have the chance to heal and re-think strategies.

He is one of the Espers with a particularly tricky spell roulette, as Lv.2 Sleep, Lv.3 Disable, Lv.4 Break, and Lv.5 Reverse all appear to target random party-members but, in truth, they depend on whether the party's levels are multiples of 2, 3, 4, or 5. Then there's Prime Lv Death, a spell which targets party-members whose levels are prime numbers. The trick is to look at his elemental affinity; Zalera is an Undead esper, hence, he is weak to Holy-element attacks. However, spells like Cura and items like Hi-Potions need to be used when he lowers his Reflect guard.

There are accessories which can combat the effects of the Lv spells, but most important of all, be prepared with the spell Shell or have a Shell shield ready. These prove to be most effective against a spell-wielder like Zalera. The Reflect method also works here. Cast Reflectga on the whole party, cast Curaga or Curaja on each party member, and watch as Zalera soaks most of that White Magick-spell in. The battle will be over faster than you can say 'dead.'

Zalera - Stats and Moveset

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Zalera Lv.40
HP 72248
MP 999
Vitality 79
Magic Atk 29
Magic Def 25
Strength 38
Speed 21
Atk 62
Def 23
Esper Location Barheim Passage
Notable Skills Unlocked Kill, Condemnation
Recommended Classes Bushi, Time Battlemage, Shikari

*Note: Data is meant to reflect Zalera stats at Lv.40

AI Moveset

Skill Skill Definition
Lv.2 Sleep Inflicts Sleep. Does so instantly if enemy's level is a multiple of 2.
Lv.3 Disable Inflicts Disable 100% of the time to targets whose levels are multipliers of 3.
Lv.4 Break Deals the Petrify status. Status is received instantly if enemy has a level that's a multiple of 4.
Lv.5 Reverse Deals Reverse. If target's level is at a multiple of 5, deals Reverse instantly.
Special Skills Ignore Vitality, Ignore Weather & Landscape, Ignore Reflect, Prime LV Death, Enrage, Purify, Ignore Evade, Magick CT0
Unique Spells Kill, Condemnation

Zalera - Summoned Skills

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Movesets (Summoned)

Skills Skill Definition
Cura Restore some amount of HP to all allies in range.
Warp Banishes all foes in range, barring them from receiving Exp or LP.
Kill Automatically KOs the enemy when cast.
Condemnation Instantly kills enemies with less than 9,999 HP; otherwise, hits them with non-element damage.

Passive Augments

Skill Skill Definition
Ignore Reflect Reflect status is ignored when casting a spell.
Ignore Vitality Target's vitality is ignored when dealing status spells.
Ignore Weather & Landscape Environmental conditions doesn't affect caster.
Prime Level Death Unique spell to Zalera. Instantly kills enemies whose levels are prime numbers.

Zalera - Benefits of Use

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Zalera, as with other Espers, unlocks important skills that will be a big help to the party. Perhaps most important of all is that he is the key to the weapons Blood Sword and Karkata for the Bushi, but the decision on who to gift Zalera to is entirely up to the user. Kill is a particularly effective mob clearer. Zalera is also a very powerful Dark-magic user, one of the few Espers in the game who can hold a candle when pitted against some White Magick-users like fellow esper Ultima.

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