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This page contains information for the Trial mode stages 11-20 in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What to expect from these stages, as well as the rewards and strategies to beat enemies, can be found here.

Final Fantasy XII - Stages 11-20

Stage Enemies Loots (w/o Thief's Cuff) Loots (w/ Thief's Cuff) Chests (w/o Diamond Armlet) Chests (w/ Diamond Armlet)
11 Croakadile - Fiery Arrows, Long Bolts, Aqua Shot - Immobilize, Leather headgear
12 Jelly x8, Melt Prince's Kiss, Ether Aqua Shot - Bronze Chestplate, Charge
13 Tiamat - Assassin's Dagger - Topkapi Hat, Dark
14 Panther x5 Phoenix Down - - Long Bolts, Kilimweave Shirt
15 Elder Wyrm, Treant x2 Serum, Echo Herbs, Handkerchief, Dark Matter Gillie Boots, Shell Shield - Silent Shot, Sallet
16 Mateus, Ice Azer x5 Dark Matter Ice Shield, Icebrand - Scale Armor, Poach
17 Mindflayer x3 Maduin Gear, Rose Corsage, Power Armlet - - Poison Bombs, Bronze Shield
18 Ring Wyrm - Bone Helm, Pirate Hat, Black Cowl - Tourmaline Ring, Thunder
19 Earth Tyrant - Broadaxe, Hornito, Main Gauche - Leather Gorget, Fiery Arrows
20 Vulture x8 - Phoenix Down - Stone Bolts, Rose Corsage

What to Expect

Tiamat stage 13 Trial Mode
The second stages consists of a single Esper, Mateus. This is also where you must fight against Tiamat and different enemies with status-changing attacks. Make sure to equip items that prevent negative status effects like Disable, or be quick on the draw using Remedy on your party.


Mateus stage 16 Trial Mode

  • The stage against the Jellies could be particularly difficult without a White Mage to heal characters addled with Poison, but otherwise, you'll be okay.
  • Take care against Tiamat's Disablega, which could wreak havoc on your party at very low levels. Finish it off fast if you can, otherwise, bring Remedies and other status-healing items.
  • In the stage against Mateus, you can use your usual tactics. Get rid of the Ice Azers first, then concentrate on the Esper.
  • Against the Mindflayer, equip a Turtleneck Choker if you have one to use your spellcaster effectively. Equip any Holy-element weapons as well to make quick work of this enemy.
  • As with the other enemies, the Earth Tyrant will still be weak against Aero. Use this or any infused weapons effectively to breeze through this battle.
  • You should switch to long-range combatants as well as a strong spellcaster to power through the Vultures, but any well-equipped character will be able to quickly dispatch of these enemies.

End of Stage Rewards

You'll receive 2000 gil, 10 Phoenix Downs, and 5 Domain Calvados for winning.

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