Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Dark Hedgehog Weaknesses and Locations

Dark Hedgehog is a Monster appearing in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn about Dark Hedgehog's strengths and weaknesses, how to beat it, and where it can be found.

Dark Hedgehog - Basic Information

Type and Stats

Dark Hedgehog
Currently Unavailable
HP Strength Defense Magic
15 4 2 4

Elemental Effectiveness

Resistance Ratings

Fire Blizzard Thunder Slow
2 2 2 0
Stop Gravity Holy
0 0 0

A lower number (min 0) indicates weakness to an element, while a higher number (max 3) indicates resistance to an element.

Weakness and Resistance

Resistant To Vulnerable To

A Monster which is resistant to an element cannot be hurt by it. A Monster which is vulnerable to an element has an extreme weakness to it.

Dark Hedgehog Locations

Dungeon Cycle
The Mushroom Forest 3
River Belle Path 3

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