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Create and customize your Mii and be the star of your own RPG in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch! Learn how to use the Mii Maker feature to design your characters, and the best jobs and personalities for each Mii in your party. For a full story walkthrough with maps and boss guides for each area, look no further than Game8!

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Miitopia News and Game Info

Coming Out on May 21, 2021

Miitopia Software Cover.jpg
Release Date May 21, 2021
Price $49.99 (USD)

The Switch version of Miitopia will come out on May 21, 2021. See below to learn more about the release date, how to pre-load the game, as well as other useful articles!!

Miitopia Release Date and Demo.jpg
Release Date Guide
Miitopia - How to Pre-Load.png
Pre-Load Guide
Miitopia Switch Differences from 3DS Version.png
Differences from 3DS Version
Is Miitopia Switch Multiplayer.png
Is Miitopia Switch Multiplayer?
Miitopia Switch Update and Patch Notes.png
Patch Notes
Miitopia Switch Review.png
Game Review: Is Miitopia Switch Worth It?

Miitopia Best Team Compositions

Miitopia Switch Best Team Comp.png

Best Team Comp: Party Building Guide

Miitopia Jobs

Miitopia - Jobs Partial.png
List of Jobs
List of Jobs
WarriorWarrior MageMage ClericCleric
ThiefThief Pop StarPop Star ChefChef
CatCat ScientistScientist ImpImp
TankTank PrincessPrincess FlowerFlower
Hidden Jobs
VampireVampire ElfElf

Best Jobs: Job Tier List

Miitopia Personalities

Miitopia - Personalities Partial.png
List of Personalities
Kind Energetic Laid-back
Cool Airheaded Stubborn
Cautious - -

Best Personality for Each Job

Miitopia Story Walkthrough and Maps

Maps and Guides Image.png
See Map and Guide List
Map List for Main Story
Miitopia Greenhorne Map Icon.png
Chapter 1: Greenhorne
Miitopia Neksdor Map Icon.png
Chapter 2: Neksdor
Miitopia Realm of the Fey Map Icon.png
Chapter 3: Realm of the Fey
Miitopia Karkaton Map Icon.png
Chapter 4: Karkaton
Miitopia Travelers Hub Map Icon.png
Chapter 5-1: Traveler's Hub
Miitopia Powdered Peaks Map Icon.png
Chapter 5-2: Powdered Peaks
Miitopia Peculia Map Icon.pngChapter 5-3: Peculia Miitopia Nimbus Map Icon.pngChapter 5-4: Nimbus
Miitopia Sky Scraper Map Icon.pngChapter 6: The Sky Scraper / Otherworld
Post Game Maps
Miitopia Galados Isle Map Icon.pngGalados Isle Miitopia New Lumos Map Icon.pngNew Lumos
Miitopia Tower of Dread Map Icon.pngTower of Dread Miitopia Tower of Despair Map Icon.pngTower of Despair

Miitopia Tips and Tricks

Miitopia - Tips and Tricks Partial.png
Tips and Tricks
Miitopia - Beginner
Beginner's Guide
Miitopia - Mii Maker.png
Mii Maker Guide
Miitopia - Roulette Guide.png
Roulette Guide
Miitopia - How to Win Rock Paper Scissors.png
Rock, Paper, Scissors Guide
Horse Guide.png
Horse Guide
Miitopia Switch Relationship Top Banner.png
Relationship Level Guide
Miitopia Switch Food Preferences Guide.png
Food Preferences Guide
Miitopia - How to Farm Gold.png
How to Farm Gold
Miitopia Switch Safe Spot Top Banner.png
How to Use Safe Spot Efficiently
Miitopia - How to Unlock All Jobs.png
How to Unlock All Jobs
Miitopia Switch EXP Farm Top Banner.png
How to Farm EXP
Miitopia Switch Status Effects Guide.png
Status Effects Guide
Miitopia Switch How to Recruit More Teammates.png
How to Recruit Miis and Get More Teammates
Miitopia Sickness Guide.png
Sickness Guide
Miitopia - How to Unlock Neksdor Pyramid.png
How to Unlock Neksdor Pyramid
Miitopia - Inn Guide - Events and Things to Do
Inn Guide
Post Game Guide.png
Post Game and 100% Completion Guide
Miitopia - Resentement and Quarrels: How to Fix.png
Resentment and Quarrels
Miitopia - Quizmaster Guide.png
Quizmaster Guide
Hidden Paths.png
Hidden Path Locations
Miitopia Quests Guide.png
Quest Guide
Miitopia - Allies and Companion Guide
Allies and Companion Guide
Miitopia - List of Songs (revised).png
List of Songs and Where to Listen
List of All amiibo Outfits Miitopia.png
List of All amiibo Outfits
Miitopia Switch How to Unlock All Medals.png
How to Unlock All Medals
Miitopia Equipment Guide.png
Catalogue Guide
Miitopia How to Farm Grub.png
How to Farm Grub and Best Grub to Farm
Miitopia How to farm HP Banana and MP Candy.png
How to Farm HP Bananas and MP Candies
Miitopia Switch Sprinkles Top Banner.png
Sprinkles Guide
Miitopia Switch Outing Tickets Top Banner.png
Outing Tickets Farming Guide
Miitopia Switch Farming Game Tickets Top Banner.png
Game Tickets Farming Guide
Miitopia Best Food Which Food to Use.png
Best Food: Which Food to Use
Miitopia - How to Farm Equipment.jpg
How to Farm Equipment
Online Features
Miitopia Switch Access Key Codes.png
Access Key Code Guide
Miitopia Switch Control Characters Top Banner.png
Can You Control Party Members?
Miitopia - How to Transfer Save Data.png
How to Transfer Demo Save Data
Miitopia - How to Start A New Game.png
How to Start A New Game
Mechanics and Game Controls
Miitopia - Pause Menu Guide.png
Pause Menu Guide
Miitopia Switch How To Save Top Banner.png
How To Save Game
Miitopia - How to Change Roles.png
How to Change Roles
Mii - How to Change Personalities.png
How to Change Personalities
How to Change Jobs.png
How to Change Jobs

Miitopia Grub

List of Grub partial.png
List of Grub
Grub Rarities
Miitopia Switch Normal Grub Top Banner.png
Miitopia Switch Rare Grub Top Banner.png
Miitopia Switch Very Rare Grub Top Banner.png
Very Rare

Miitopia Equipment

Partial Banner - Equipment.png
List of Equipment
Weapons Outfits

Miitopia Monsters

Miitopia Switch List of Enemies Monsters.png

List of Enemies: Monster Guide

Miitopia Bosses

Miitopia - Bosses Front Banner.png
List of Bosses
Story Bosses
Miitopia How to Beat the Dark Lord Boss.png
How to Beat the Dark Lord
Miitopia - How to Beat the Darker Lord.png
How to Beat the Darker Lord
Tower of Dread Bosses
King Cow Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the King Cow
Calc King Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the Calc King
Frog King and Frog Queen Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the Frog King and Frog Queen
Dragon Lord Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the Dragon Lord
King of Hounds Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the King of Hounds
Dark King and Dark Queen Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the Dark King and Dark Queen
Evil Sage Boss Guide.png
How to Beat the Evil Sage
Dark Sun.png
How to Beat the Dark Sun
Tower of Despair Bosses
Boss Snurp Guide.png
How to Beat the Boss Snurp

Miitopia Message Boards

Miitopia Switch Discussion Board
Discussion Board
Mii Sharing Board.png
Mii Sharing Board
Meme Sharing Board.png
Memes Board

Message Boards

About Miitopia

Software Information

Miitopia Demo.jpg
Release Date:May 21, 2021 Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 Player Developer: Nintendo EPD
Genre: Adventure / RPG Game File Size: 3.0GB
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
Supported Play Modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode.
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Language

Official Trailer

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